Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Answers to Prayer

I had a pretty good week.  M_ was meant to be baptized on this Saturday but that didn't happen because we haven't seen him in the last few weeks. His mom is very busy, and every time we try to get an appointment with her she has an excuse. 

We prayed on Wednesday morning to meet someone that
day who we could baptize this transfer, and we met a guy from Jamaica named y_. He accepted a baptismal date for the sixth of June which is elder Harris' last Saturday before going home.

Y_ said that he normally wouldn't have walked the way he did, but that the spirit guided him and he walked up to us and we just sat down and taught him right there with our Ward Mission Leader who was with us to teach someone else who
didn't show up. 

Then we met with him again on Friday and extended the invite to baptism and he said, "if the spirit directs, I must obey" and then he committed to pray about it. We are seeing him tonight as well. 

We got 5 New Investigators this week, and we started working with a really cool less active who knows all of her neighbors and wants to invite them all to an Family Home Evening next week. Pretty cool!

Anyway, have a great week. Love you all.

Faithful unto Life Eternal

Here are some pictures for you.

A good friend who happens to live in my ward boundaries now. (This is Andrea Manucci my first companion and trainer)

 Just some African food
My Companion Elder Harris
Myself Elder Brown

The whole mission all in one place for iPad Training.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We Got IPads!

 It was good to Skype with you. J__,The person who called while we were skyping, came to church on Sunday. She stayed for all three hours and then spoke to bishop afterwards. She is still living on the streets right now. She keeps trying to get out of investigating the church, but we just keep reminding her how she felt the first time she spoke to us. She didn't want to meet with us, but she is going to read the Book of Mormon for at least 15 minutes a day.  Hopefully she will be ok.

This week has been pretty good. We had a lot of organisation to do for the zone, but because we did a lot of it early, we won't have to worry about it too much for the rest of the transfer. 

Next week should be pretty good when it comes to working our own area. Right now we are working on building our teaching pool, but we have a lot of different appointments with new people for this week, so we are really excited to see how it all goes. 

Using an iPad is super nice when it comes to studing! We haven't had a chance to use them teaching much yet, but so far so good. There is a really good app called LDS Pamphlets that has each of the pamphlets in a really cool format with loads of crazy stuff. 

The zone did really good this week. A lot of the new missionaries are really solid, and all of the missionaries are excited for the work right now, so we should see a lot of really good success this week.

All of our appointments on Sunday were good. They were all meetings though. Church, Young Single Adults correlation for the stake, and ward council.

 I have had fish and chips! I had it in the MTC, and in my first three areas. I haven't had any since I came to live in Africa though. Lol!

I hope you have a great week! Sorry no pictures today, our internet wasn't working great, so this is being sent from my iPad. Love you all.
Faithful unto Life Eternal

Monday, May 4, 2015

New companion Elder Harris!

We work with our ward mission leader quite often, which is really good. He is a Return missionary from Gana, Africa. He is super cool! We do our best to get members on teaches with us, but we need to do better, so we are hoping to work more closely with them this transfer.

I will have my ipad by next Sunday,so that will be cool.

Our ward mission leader over hear does street dance for his job. It is basically the dubstep style dance that we watched on youtube ages ago. I haven't gotten to see him actually dance yet, but I hear he is really good!

My new companion is Elder Harris.  I have no pictures of him yet, but I will get you some soon. Central London was a blast! I am waiting on some pictures to be sent to me from others, but I have attached the ones from my camera.

 Elder Brown next to a telephone booth
 with Big Ben in the background


Selfie with elder Wagoman and elder Wessman as we walked through Central London, 

Elder Brown next to a guard with a horse.

Elder Brown in front of Buckingham palace.

Elder Brown in front of the prince of wales theater with the Book of Mormon play advertisement.

A random chicken bone in the street (classic Peckham) everyone eats fried chicken here.

Pictures of Cambodian ties that I finally got from Elder Kroch (saw him at the iPad training)

Fufu and peanut soup for dinner after doing painting for Sister Aidou (I think she is from Gana)