Monday, November 18, 2013

Great new companion

My new comp is Elder Lamb. He is from Ireland, but virtually without an accent. He sounds more American than anything else. He has been serving the same amount of time as Elder Mannucci, so about 18 months. We get along great, he is super fun! He is more committed to exercising than Elder Mannucci which will be a good thing for me, hopefully. He likes music a lot, and he wants to go to school for engineering in medical robotics, as in like "I-robot" style prosthetics. We have decided that we should end up working together after the mission which would be cool.
Nothing super interesting this week, it was all over the place, so the work wasn't great this week, but we had a cool roadshow in our stake that all the missionaries were a part of! We did teach M____ and his family the plan of salvation and it went pretty well. We are teaching them tonight at 6:30 the restoration and committing to baptism so it should be good.

I don't have a lot of time to e-mail today because  the library was closed, so we all had to share the chapel computers, which means we couldn't take too long sorry.
Me on the Itchen River Bridge 

Elder Lamb (My new Companion) on the Itchen River Bridge.

A giant boat train we saw this morning! At our flat on the Itchen River

Random information:
-England doesn't have Veterans day but they have something similar. It is called Remembrance day and it was November 1st.
-No snow yet, but that's ok.
-It takes a while to get stuff like packages from the office, because we can only get it at zone conferences, etc.
This is a picture of a sign on someone's door saying no JW's and No Mormons. Had to laugh at that one! 
I love you all, and hop you have a great week!
Elder Brown

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