Monday, August 18, 2014

Bestest Creation!

Bought some new cloths in England.

This week went by extremely fast, but it was very successful. Elder Cooper and I worked my area here on exchange on Tuesday. We had a good day, and were able to learn from one another which was great. We had a lot of success and saw some miracles, which uplifted us and taught us. I really enjoyed it! All the people we taught were girls. 12-20 year olds. Some of them wanted us to go clubbing with them. Not going to work because of several reasons.One of these girls we taught later on in the week and seems pretty interested. The rest of the week was just as successful as well. We had some really good sit down teaches, and also found many new people to work with. T__ is progressing very well, but was quite ill this weekend and wasn't able to come to church. She is reading a lot and praying as well. We are hoping to get her to the visitors center at the temple this week, and she is excited to go! We had six less active members come for church this week, which was awesome! We have quite a few of them who are really ready to come back fully, and we have been able to help them and watch them progress which has been really cool. We are hoping to get a few more baptismal dates here, and almost got another one on Sunday, but he is not comfortable with a date yet. He said he would be baptized as soon as he knows it is all true, and he has committed to come to church, read and pray, and is going to be meeting with us weekly, which is great! So as you can see, we DO work here! All of the fun happens after planning and writing in our journals. We put our priorities on the most important things! The best ones usually happen on P-day though!

Sunday we were riding home with the bishop to his house to eat lunch when we got hit from behind by a guy that's foot slipped off the break. That was interesting. The bishop got out of the car to see if they were ok. We were all fine.

As for the cake, I am surprised none of you thought the kool aide was a good idea! It was perfect! Did you see how it turned out!? The kool-aide helped out with the appearance as well as taste! I attached a photo for you guys that just shows you how good that cake was! The second wasn't as good, because it was orange kool aide instead of cherry, but it still tasted great! 
Chocolate Orange Kool-Aide Upside Down Cake
Created by Elder Brown and Elder Smith 

Chocolate Orange Kool-Aide Upside Down Cake
Milk chocolate digestive
caramel wafers ( kind of like a giant kit-kat, but more caramely)
Nougat pillows
orange kool-aide
Chocolate mini-rolls
Jaffa Cakes (one of the few unique and delicious things in Britain! The taste a lot like the orange stick things that Dad always gets at Christmas time, but they have a muffin like base)
Peanut butter mix-Chunky Peanut butter, hot chocolate mix, brown sugar, milk
Vanilla extract
white chocolate pieces

Chocolate Cherry Kool- Aide Upside Down Cake (This is the better recipe)
Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuits (American replacement would be some sort of graham cracker with one side covered in chocolate)
Custard creams (Basically a vanilla Oreo style cookie)
Chocolate mini-rolls ( I don't know what you would find over there, but it basically is a mini Swiss roll, kinda like those chocolate Twinkie things)
Cherry kool-aide
Bannoffe pie candy stick (you wont find one of these over there, but it is banana and toffee flavor)
All Butter Fudge (probably can find something similar over there, should be called the same thing)
Ginger Biscuits (these are nasty German things and I wouldn't recommend putting them in there, they didn't really change anything)
Apples (that's pretty easy to find)
Peanut butter mix-chunky peanut butter, brown sugar, milk, weather's original ( all easy to find over there)
Almonds ( once again easy)
Marshmallow (these are harder to get over here than there, you could even use the marshmallow puff stuff)
Vanilla extract
Nougat pillows (basically some sort of chocolate filled cereal, I'm sure there are all sort of possible replacement over there)
This cake is like the gospel, you won't know if it is good or not, unless you try it! That cake was like my bestest creation!  We bought some KFC on my year mark and the stamp said we bought it the next day so some how I traveled in time. ha! ha! This was quite funny!

Time flies on the mission!!!! The more I think about it, the more blown my mind becomes!!! It does not feel like it has been a year!!!! I remember how fast last school year went, and when I think about that it scares me at how soon I will be leaving the mission! The time really is short!

Hope you guys have a great week! I love you more than all the kool-aide in the whole world!

We stop by some peoples place and they told us to come back in one hour so we did but they were not there so we left this card with this scripture on it. 

 I don't even know what the giant steel ball is, but it was cool!

The sign on the door says, 
Village lock up. 
This grade II listed building was last used for custodial purposes since 1842.

The stir fry was of my own invention, and was one of the best things I have ever made, I would suggest it as a meal to anyone! (cinnamon, ginger, soy sauce, oyster sauce, chicken, onions, bell pepper, sweet chilli sauce, pineapple.)

How sad is this?

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