Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Beginning of a Missionary's Life.

Dailen was called to the London South mission in England, and reported to the MTC in Preston.

     We put Dailen (Elder Brown) on the air plane Wednesday morning (August 7th 2013) for his mission.  What a mixture of emotions. I already miss him but so happy for him to be doing the Lords work.  I want to share a tender mercy of the Lord- when Dailen got his plane tickets they did not show what gates he needed to be at to board the other flights. This was of great concern for us because Dailen has never flown before.  We did what we could before hand showing him maps of all the airports.  And for the Salt Lake airport we figured out he would get off in the basic same area that he would board the next plane which we told him. This one was a big concern since he only had 39 minutes before the next flight left.  After saying good bye and him not having a phone with him, We got online and found out that they had finally posted what gates he would need to be at but there was no way of telling him this.  Within a minute of us being so concerned over this, Jenny's best friend Myndi texted her and told her that she was on the same flight as Dailen, two rows in front of him! Our hearts leaped with joy we texted her with the information he needed and a few minutes before they got off the plane he knew where he was supposed to be and she showed him where to go.  I am so grateful for a Loving Heavenly Father that cares about worried parents.

We tracked his plane all day long, and received an email from him to let us know that he arrived safely at the MTC and has two roommates, Elder White and Elder Green. yes you read that correctly! Brown White and Green in one room :)
His P-Days are on Wednesdays- so we will hear more from him then.

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  1. I wonder if the person in charge of making room assignments giggled when they set that up. Glad to hear he made it safe.