Monday, August 26, 2013

First week in the mission field

We traveled to my area with the zone leaders who actually lived in the same flat as mine, but they got kicked out because the land lord only wanted two people to live there, so we had to help them pack up and move out. It took five hours to get to the chapel in London, where we met the mission president, and our companions. Then it was another two hours to my area. We didn't get to do any proselyting on the first day though because we had to help the ZL's move out, and then I unpacked, we planned and then I went to bed.
We have already had pasta twice. I loved the b-day card, but it was a little embarrassing because we are having district p-day, so all of the district elders and sisters are here, so when I clicked on the link it started playing.
I actually had chinese food on friday, but the family who fed us was acually from peru, and they speak spanish as a first language. We are teaching a spanish family as well. They were introduced to us through the family that fed us on Friday
It's nice, my first b-day on the mission is on a p-day, we are eating breakfast at members house, and I get to wear jeans for most of the day! On top of that we had some really good spaghetti with the zone leaders on sunday. My companion made it for us. He is the district leader.

The attached picture is of the meal I had on saturday night with the spanish investigating family that we are teaching. The father made it. It is a traditional spanish meal, and we ate it the traditional way, straight out of the pan! It is hard to teach the family, because I don't know spanish, but Elder Mannucci speaks in Italian, and they can understand most of what he says.

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