Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Oh how I miss the taste of pumpkin!

Oh how I miss the taste of pumpkin! The sweetness of that squash like deliciousness formed into the art of a delicious pie! Gahh... they don't eat pumpkin over here! they don't think it tastes good, instead they have Christmas pudding, which is basically the nastiest excuse for a chocolate cake that is more raisins than anything else! But that is ok, I don't mind at all! I like raisins, yes I do! (I am trying to convince myself!)
When working with less actives, Don't get too upset when things don't work out, that is something that I have had too learn. It just makes you want to do less, and it makes everything worse. Remember that prayers are answered, but it is done on the Lord's timing, not ours!
One of the members have a dog. The dogs name is ringo and she is obsessed with shadows, so we always hold our hands out and watch her go nuts!
As for M_____ our 14 year old investigator, she is doing.........great!!!!! We extended a Baptismal date last night for the 12 of October and she accepted! We are super happy! As for exercising, I have been doing push-ups, sit ups, planks, lifting weights, and a lot of walking! Walking doesn't make me tired, but my shins hate me sometimes! 
I have used my umbrella, but it hasn't been bad. We are going to have a few weeks of hot weather soon, according to the weather reporters! I am not missing the frost you have back at home at all!
A month to me feels like one flippin' day! How can one week go by so fast! It feels like just yesterday I was e-mailing you! 
hahahahaha try to read that one in under a minute! I will also have the same companion for at least 7 weeks or so because he is training me, but after that who knows. He is the district leader here and he has been here for about 9 weeks now. He says that he tends to stay in one area for a long time, his last area he was there for 8 months!
I miss you all, the work is going slow right now, but we are hoping it will pick up soon, and we are going to do our best to make sure that it does! I am thinking at least one baptism a month for this ward will be good.We have two so far set up for October, and we are hoping to pick up some new investigators soon.
The 2nd of October we will have 6 missionaries in the same ward! We finally got a ward mission leader. There hasn't been one in this ward for nearly three months! We can't wait to work with him, because he knows a lot of the members, including many of the 300 or so less-actives we have in the ward!
This is a picture of my companions English smile

This is one of my favorite street names
My trainer's Trainer, My trainer Elder Manucci, and Me
 This last picture is of me, my father (my trainer), and my granddaddy (my trainer's trainer). They do this whole posterity thing her in the mission field. Your trainer is your dad, his trainer is his dad and your grandpa, anyone you train is your son, etc. And when your companion goes home, it means you killed him. I have two brothers, and I am an uncle, I think, and I probably have a few uncles as well. my grandpa is dead, but I got to meet him because he came and visited (even though I am pretty sure it isn't allowed! I don't know). It can get confusing, but it is a really fun way to refer to people!  
I love and miss you!
Elder Brown, the consumer of raisins, and the one who misses all things of American taste! LoL JK   

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