Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One month as a missionary

Remember I said I would send you a picture of Josh, my favorite Investigator.  He was baptized on Saturday, my first baptism, and Sunday was my one month mark!
When we filled the font, we had to cool it down by adding buckets of cold water, because the water was hot, and we had to speed it up because the water was slow. It took over 3 hours in total time to fill the font!
This is a map of the Area I will be serving in.
I am in the Portsmouth Zone. Here are some photos of  the missionaries in my Zone.

 It is starting to get colder here. Saw a bolt of lightning the other day, and my companion was like, wow, it has been a long time. Apparently they don't get much lightning here in England! Haven't received my b-day package yet, but the mission office is always busy though, so who knows when I'll get it. 
 I went on my first exchange on Thursday, with a Chinese elder. They are there to speak to both English speaking people and Chinese, so I didn't speak a whole lot, with some people. It was fun though. I left my toothpaste , and Elder Lam, the one who took my place in Hamble during the exchange tried to tell me I forgot my toothpaste, but I couldn't tell what he was saying for a long time. It sounded like "too-pas!" I haven't learned a lot of Italian, but we do randomly burst out saying things like "Pizza!, Pasta!, Tortellini!" in an Italian accent just for fun.
We work with the zone leaders quite a bit because they are in the same ward as us. We have 4 companionships in our district, and then there are the ZL's as well, so we have about ten missionaries that I get to see fairly often, at least once a week. We are about to get some elders for our district, and also some sisters, for both our district and our ward! The district might get split up though depending on the way things go. 
I haven't had any weird foods.  I had kidney once, but it wasn't that weird, because lots of people in Montana actually eat it.  In fact most of the stuff I have had is very similar to what I ate at home, and at Wasabi.  I have had a dinner appointment almost every night. I think there have only been like 3 or 4 nights so far without one.   I love the people here so much! We do a lot of tracking, but we are hoping to work with members a lot more.  The members here are wonderful, and totally willing. The problem is we don't know them very well yet! 
Work with the missionaries! they will love you. And when members work with the missionaries it makes everything easier, and miracles happen! 
I always have prince of Egypt music stuck in my head and we sing it all the time, because it is the best mission approved music ever!
They don' have labor day here, but there was a bank holiday one of the Mondays. It makes bus travel really inconvenient! 
I have had so much soda here, everybody has soda for Dinner Appointments, it is awesome, but unhealthy. Turns out that Pepsi is actually pretty good. It is one of those things that gets better the more you have it. Either that, or it is just better her in England. Everyone here loves Pepsi, and Coca-Cola. They don't have Root-Beer here though! it has to be imported, and the only place to buy it is a small international shop, that is too far for me to get to. A member actually bought some for us though, and either I haven't had root beer for too long, or they make it better here, because it was soooooo goooooood! The cans are printed in like Pakistani or Hebrew or some weird language, because the ingredients list is in symbols!
My favorite food I've eaten, is this pasta I made at the flat! We bought this pesto sauce, that is red pepper and cheese pesto. Pesto, by the way, is not a sauce that has basil in it like we thought.  Words from an Italian missionary, "pesto in Italian means crushed, and a pesto sauce is just a crushed mix of any ingredients you want!"
We had this coconut that we bought, but we didn't realize we didn't have a hammer to open it with, so we had a fun time dancing around and chanting  with towels on our heads and then used a cutting board to open it. That is how missionaries open coconuts!
This is an MTC picture of the Kimball Zone

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