Monday, October 28, 2013

Miracle investigators

Mount Everest is one of the most challenging mountains to climb and many have been defeated by the task, but Erik Weihenmayer succeeded- even though as a teen he went completely blind! When asked how he overcame all of his challenges, he said I just stayed focused and took a step at a time and refused to give up! This is what God has directed us to do in Mosiah 4:27. We don't have to be fast, we just need to move steadily, following divine guidance from our father in heaven, and we will be surprised at how high these "mountains" can take us. Psalms 19:105 and D&C14:7.
This Week was pretty good. We taught a less active couple who were really cool. They still have very strong testimonies, but for some reason they aren't coming to church regularly. We are trying to figure out exactly why, but I think part of it might be school, and the wife had to go to the hospital as well. I believe that they will become active soon, as long as we continue to help them do so.
We got three new investigators this week. One came to church and was a referral from one of the Ward missionaries. The other two were a miracle! Last night we rang their flat bell, and the let us into there home. It was a couple from Mexico that just moved here at the start of October for school. They actually come from a place very close to Mexico City! They were extremely nice, and very interested because they have been looking for a Christian church to go to since they got here. They don't have a specific denomination, and in the past they have just gone to whatever seemed good. They are excited to come to church on Sunday, and they committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. They gave us both of their phone numbers, and were just great people. They never stopped smiling and actually gave us some chocolate!  We were absolutely shocked at the invitation in, and definitely about the chocolate.
Elder Manucci and Elder Brown in Sailor hats
I am pretty much over the sickness, but it wasn't anything big for me, it was just annoying to have a dry throat in the mornings, and evenings.
Interesting story about the bank card. As you know, it doesn't work in the shops(or at least that specific one, I haven't tried since) but we needed it to get our prepaid train tickets. The office had to prepay for our train tickets to zone conference, because they were expensive and we didn't have enough money. We had to go to London and switch there in order to make it to Staines. So I have seen the London waterloo train station. Huge, absolutely huge!!!! anyway, in order to get the prepaid tickets, we had to use a card for identification, and then enter a passcode. Well neither me or my companions mission card worked, so we tried the one I have from home, and guess what! It worked. I don't know weird. It of course only uses the card for ID, but it still should work in shops I don't know.
A sign just outside of the London train station. (we had to go through London and change trains to get to zone conference. The sign is quite famous, The Book of Mormon Musical. One of the biggest ones in England!
 Elder Brown and  Elder Rolz (from Germany). We were on exchange.
Picture of the Library, finally checking out the right book.


I don't miss school at all. I get to study the scriptures for two hours a day, and every time it is really good. That isn't sarcastic either. It is really, really good! 
I got asked by another person who visited our ward, if I was related to Sister Brown. Said I was fairly certain that their is no relation. Crazy how I met a member of the ward she is serving in. Small World!  
I am getting some of my piano skills back surprisingly I am not as slow at reading music as I thought. Still have a lot of work though. I am getting better quickly!
Having tons of fun here! We played chair football, which is football(soccer) with everyone vs everyone, and if the ball touches your chair you are out, and have to sit down. If the person who got you out gets out, you are back in! Got pretty intense last Monday! 
They do celebrate Halloween here. Josh, my recent convert, went to a YSA dance for Halloween, and he went as Santa! LOL for Halloween! He is so cool. I was telling Elder Mannucci about how much I miss homemade doughnuts. You guys are lucky! Even if I had the recipe it would take me three hours to make, which I simply can't do! Oh well! I have my raisins! Say hi to Myndi and Caleb for me! I got the seminary classes letter a few days ago. It takes a long time to get to me because it was sent to the office and then to me! I will send a letter back as soon as I find time! Prepare for an epic answer to that question!
I love all of you and hope you guys have a great week. Update me on the situation with the government if you can I still don't know much!

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