Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April showers drench unprepared missionaries!

Q:  Is There Life After Death?

A: Yes, Because of Him

This Easter, ponder on the significance of what Jesus Christ has done for you.  He lived, He died, and was Resurrected. His body and spirit were reunited, never to be separated again. Through Christ all of us will live again. We will receive a resurrected body of flesh and bones. It is His gift to all mankind.

 I wasn't able to write to you yesterday as it was a bank holiday and the library was closed. This last week was very good. We were able to get two of our investigators to come to church, S___ and R___, and they had a great experience! S___ has a big concern with the sacrament, because of what she was taught about it when she was young, but we are going to address it with her tomorrow, so hopefully that all goes well. We were able to help out a new family that just moved to the ward, the Hamiltons, and the father told us he would set apart at least one time a week in which he will always be available to go with us to teach, or meet with us, etc. I am really excited to work with him, and he seems to trust us a lot already, which is wonderful! 

Our finding this week didn't go very well, but we are hoping to pick it up this week by contacting a somewhat active family that we felt impressed to start working with. Neither of us have met them yet, but we talked with our ward mission leader who thinks it is a great idea. The work here is really starting to pick up, and we have gotten an assignment from the first presidency of the church, which they call the "Address Unknown File." I think it sounds like spy work, but I haven't had a chance to read over it just yet!

My trainer goes home today! Along with Elder George, my first zone leader, and many others I know. Crazy how fast time goes!

I can now play the tetris theme song on the piano. Elder fisher can play guitar by ear, and I know enough about the piano and guitar to be able to tell what notes are what. I can go from one instrument to another, It is pretty cool! We can figure out nearly anything together!

 We were trying to find a less active, and instead found her pet!

I am getting seriously fit compared to before! All of that walking, and we have been downing about 15 eggs a week as a companionship! my health is doing good, but April showers drench unprepared missionaries! We got caught in a serious downpour with lightning, thunder, and the whole shabang! And I didn't have a coat or umbrella, or anything! But I am still not sick! My allergies are starting to act up though! Another springtime curse!

I love the pictures from home, and just so you know, I haven't been homesick yet, and I don't think their is anything you can do, say or send that will make me homesick. Of course there are things I miss, but the gospel is so real to me that nothing even phases me anymore. I have reached a point/attitude in my life, that I never thought I could, and it surprises me every time I think about it! Thanks for sending me Easter treats, I am excited to receive them. And thank you so much for being a wonderful support to me and the other kids! I had a member ask about our lineage and I told her about Amanda Barnes Smith (who, if you don't know, is actually pretty well known by church members. Her story is in the missionary library book "Our Heritage") and how she is one of my ancestors, and she told me to tell you that you come from "good stock!"

Anyway, love you guys lots, here are a couple pictures one is a really nice worldly object, and the other is a real-life minecraft company!
Elder Brown

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