Monday, April 7, 2014


Conference was absolutely wonderful. I was able to see it all except the last session, just like last time! I might be getting a bit excited, but it is fun to point out that many of the talks mentioned "gathering" (of saints, of Israel, Zion, etc), at least two mentioned "the glory of the second coming," and president Monson announced that after 2015 no new temples will be announced until the completion of the ones already announced, and until they can find locations for new temples! Also if you think about it, the general theme of the last conference was hastening the work, and this conference was focused on a hastening or escalating of a different thing, namely destruction, rejection, and persecution. It kinda seems to resemble the scripture that talks about armies being gathered on both sides of good and evil, and many other scriptures that talk of the last days, just before the second coming of Christ! President Uchdworf even warned us not to sleep through the restoration. One of the few places in the world where the church already knows they will be building a temple, namely Independence Missouri, formerly known as ZION, just needs a bit more time, before the church is finally able to purchase all of the required land from the f-lds group, which presently owns the small portion that the church dosn't currently have. I am probably getting a bit too excited about this, but I think we are a lot closer than we often think!

My week was ok. We got in contact with most of the less actives and others that we had stopped by, but they have no interest. We have a few people set up for next week, that seem promising, so hopefully. We got to do a lot of service this week, which gave us the trust we need form the members. We are working to excite the members, to inspire them, and then to reap the souls of those that they are acquainted with. (That sounds a bit creepy, but ya know what I mean!) We will be seeing success in this area soon, I promise!

I think one thing a mission helps you with is to realize how hard life would be without knowing of the plan of salvation. How much it will suck if we aren't able to make it in the end. AND how glorious it will be when we a reunited with those we love and care about in the Resurrection! Imagine! HOW GREAT WILL BE OUR JOY! The church is so true, and I am so happy that it is!You guys have a wonderful week!
Love ya!Elder Brown
Two photos of our stake center, which shows the persecution! 
It was egged.

 I figured that because I ended so spiritually, I should probably send some worldly things your way, ya balance things out! I attached a few photos of some of the local cars here! 

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