Monday, May 19, 2014

Study Isaiah! It's a commandment!

Spiritual thought 
How Can I Be Freed From Guilt? Through Jesus Christ

When you feel burdened down by guilt, remember the Savior. He loves you and wants you to succeed in life. You may be surprised to know that no matter what you have done He still loves you and you can change.  He sees you in terms of who you can become, not in terms of who you are

Our investigators are doing very well, and we met yet another person through S___ and M___. Her name is Do__ (not to be confused with the Do__  we met through her, who is a Less Active, but a different one) We have seven appointments already set up for next week, which is a lot more than we have had so far. We also will be doing service for a member this week as well, and have at least one activity at the chapel, so this week should be great. I have had some pretty good studies recently as well, so life is just going great! Did you know that Jesus Christ has commanded us to study the words of Isaiah? I didn't realize it, but he actually commanded it (directly as well as through prophets!) Nephi also said that in the last days it will be understood by all men, as if it were plain! I thought that was interesting as most people still find it very hard to understand. Maybe he is speaking of a future day down the line. 
We haven't done any service this week that I can remember, but we did finally hear from the stalker girls. Apparently her phone was broken and that is why we couldn't get her to respond to us. She is busy this week, but said she will text us next week! 
I will try to get more picture of us for you, but for the moment, more cool looking vehicles!

 Do you remember the Top-Gear Episode with the Mclaren MP4-12C, (the super car that has an air-brake in which the spoiler goes up to help the car slow down, and has a ridiculous braking capability and acceleration is pretty epic as well) well here is a picture taken out of our flat window a few days ago.

Next week is another bank Holiday so you will probably hear from me on Tues, but we are hoping to get permission to use a members computer and spend the day with them as it is very close to Elder Fisher's Birthday, which is on Saturday the 24th. So you might hear from me Monday, but we don't know yet.

The area is going great! We have a new investigator named De__, who we actually met back in march, but he has been very busy and hard to get a hold of. We finally got to teach him and he is really excited about it all! He is 21, and he keeps telling us that he wants to become a missionary like us! We told him he can, but he first needs to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and then get baptized! he said he would!

I went on exchange with Elder Wetsel (from Idaho) on Tuesday this week, and his family has sent him a few Rubik's cubes/puzzles. He had a 4x4, but it broke, so all he has now is a 5x5 and a Rubik's dodecahedron! I solved the dodecahedron in one exchange on my spare time at lunch and dinner and just before bed, I felt pretty accomplished. There is a new Rubik's cube that a member in my last stake showed me when I was in Southampton. It is all one color, and no piece is the same size, but when it is solved it is a perfect cube. You probably solve it the same way as a normal one, but it is really hard because it isn't a cube when it is mixed up, instead it is a weird shaped object and is actually bigger than it is when it is solved. (a bit like the all-spark from transformers!) I would love to get my hands on one of those sometime! I will attempt the 5x5 when I go to Farnbourough on exchange again this Tuesday

I love you all, 
Elder Brown

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