Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stalked by two teenage girls!

Spiritual thought:
Does God Really Love Me? He Does and He Always Will!

In this new Mormon Message it shares the story of a man who is a former addict, and repeat convict.  It shares how Jesus Christ is always willing to forgive, even when we may feel that we do not deserve to be forgiven. He continually reaches out to us, because He loves us.

It was another bank holiday on Monday so sorry this is late again!  S___ and M____ are doing OK  They aren't counted as progressing investigators anymore, and they have a lot of things that will need to change before they can get baptized, but their desire seems to be increasing. They didn't come to church because they went camping over the holiday weekend, but they should be coming next week. We met a friend of theirs who we will start teaching soon, and another friend she knows is a less active, who asked us to re-teach her! So that is pretty cool. 
We got stalked by two teenage girls on Tuesday. We were walking back to our flat from Finchampstead which takes about 45 min or so if we take a shortcut through a forest path (which is often quite muddy!). Before we got to the path we saw these two girls, and I thought to stop them, but didn't because they looked like they were under 18. As we passed, they giggled a bit, but we just thought it was because well...they are teenage girls, what do you expect! When we turned onto the shortcut road/ path, they did too, and Elder Fisher joked about how they were following us, and we laughed about it. But about 20-30 min later, they finally caught up to us and asked Elder Fisher for his number! What a stud! He is so attractive that he was worth a 20 min walk in the mud! We gave them our number, and that night they texted us and the conversation quickly turned to the gospel and we asked if she would like to meet. She said yes, and asked if a friend (who is a guy by the way) could come too as he was very interested in what we share! We tried to set up an appointment, but we haven't heard back yet. That was pretty different!
Mother's day, we can Skype.  Brother Boyle, who is an american, is the stake patriarch! He is a really cool guy, very fun! We will Skype at about 3 pm which is 8 am your time, We get an hour just like at Christmas time.

I love you guys lots, I have attached a bunch of photos for you.  Most are self explanatory, so I won't tell you all the details. 
Elder Brown

May the 4th be with you! Millennium Falcon

 Look at the small cabin it is on wheels

The ward mission leaders crazy kids!

Worldly objects


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