Monday, November 24, 2014

New Companion from Scotland!

Elder Alambra moved to welling! I am still in Maidstone serving with elder Simpson now. He is from Scotland and is sometimes hard to understand, but that just makes it more fun! Sort of. Thanksgiving dinner sounds so good! We have a member who is planning to have us the day before to have thanksgiving dinner, she is British, but loves holidays, and her husband is down for any excuse for good food! So hopefully that goes well. 

This week was pretty good, We got 2 baptismal dates on Elder Alambra's last day in the area! Other than that, we had an average week, doing hard work as usual. We thought of another crazy finding Idea. One of the Young Single Adults in the ward has a lot of legos, and we are going to ask him to come with us and others and we will have a temple and family history booth in the street and will build a lego temple! Pretty crazy right!  Because of tanners mention of revelation 12:7, my district began discussing topics all over the board, and at one point we spoke about Revelation13:16-18. It resulted in a 30 min discussion with the 4 missionaries here. 
Elder Brown

 Elder Simpson my new companion from Scotland and me Elder Brown

 The last companion photo with Elder Alambra, 

A picture of the sky this morning, thought it looked cool.

 My new 2013 pocket sized scriptures and the case I made for them.

Elder Alambras B-day at Jean Meakins home.

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