Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Put yourself in someone elses shoes!

We had a wonderful   Sunday yesterday. It was fast and testimony meeting, Toni's Confirmation, a baby blessing, and Remembrance day! The spirit was strong, and the people there felt it! We had an investigator there from the other area, and he went up and bore his "testimony." It was very interesting. 

This week, we were able to get some promising potentials, and a few referrals as well! We have appointments set up for next week with some of them, and were able to give a chapel tour Sunday evening to E__, a former investigator who Elder Smith and I taught once in the past. He enjoyed the tour a lot, and committed to come next week with his whole family!

We did chess one last time this week, but as the weather is becoming worse and worse, we will not be doing it any more for a while. There are not enough people in the park and it doesn't work in the rain or the wind. We will be working on some winter finding approaches this week, and hopefully we can get them going! 

We also had a Book of Mormon study class with a less-active member, V_ last Monday. Last week we taught her how to liken the Book of Mormon to her own life and she enjoyed it so much that she asked us to hold a study class in her home as a Family Home Evening. It went well, and we should be doing it in the future as well!

The district is doing well, I had an exchange with Elder Kroch in his area, and we had a good day. He is struggling mainly with the British accent. He told me that he only understands maybe 10-20% of what most British people say. He can speak pretty well, and is a good teacher, but he doesn't know when to say what because he can't understand what the investigator is saying. I encouraged him as much as I could, and gave him some ideas on how to improve. I also asked Elder Hafen to find ways to help him know when to teach certain principles and when to testify, even though it is difficult for him to tell.

Elder Brown and Elder Kroch

Elder Kroch

Elder Brown

Leeds castle was a blast last Monday, and we got loads more pics! 
Elder Brown and Elder Kroch


Elder Kroch, Elder Brown,Elder Hafen

The glasses were bought at Leeds castle, and are the 
coolest disguise glasses I have ever seen!

Elder Alambra

 Elder Kroch, Elder Hafen,Elder Brown, Elder Alambra

We had a fun district meeting this week as well. I altered some old missionary shoes that I found in the flat (including the ones I destroyed in my first year) and had the district go through an obstacle course with the shoes on. Then I taught them about putting themselves in their investigators shoes when they study and receiving revelation for them. It was really fun! 

Elder Alambra at district meeting

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