Monday, January 12, 2015

The fastest week of my life!

When we offer service here in England, the people never want to be helped they are too "self-sufficient" it makes it really hard to help them see the blessings of the atonement, because sometimes they just think they can do it all by themselves.

I am having a blast here, it is so much fun to be around other missionaries often, and having a senior couple to make sure that everything stays clean, and that each of the elders do their part and don't mess around and ruin things. Most 4-man flats in the mission end up getting thrashed, but the missionaries have tons of fun. We get to have all the fun without the apostasy! 

This week went by soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fast!!!  I don't think I have ever had a week go by so fast, not in my mission, not in my life, not in my existence! We had a lot of solid work, but I can't remember half of it, when I think I remember something and mention it, my companion tells me that was last week, sure enough I check my planner and it was! I was telling people that I have been on the island only 3 days for about 5 days and didn't realize it. All this week I have been telling people I have been here for only a week, but it is now nearly 2! The Sharpes (the senior couple) left at 6 this morning and will be gone for ten days because sister Sharpe's mother passed away yesterday.  Elder Sharpe is the branch president, so things will be left up to us for a bit, which will be interesting. I have to deposit tithing into the bank today, all sorts of stuff that normally is only left to bishopric is now on my shoulders. Pretty crazy! Only 10 days though nothing huge.

I will be getting a new mission president before I come home. President Gubler will most likely be president for my last transfer, so I won't even get to know him very well. He is a master electrician, I believe from Utah, and he and his wife are currently serving as a senior couple in Germany. 

Bike riding is going well so far. I bought a good sized water bottle in Maidstone as soon as I knew I was coming here. So far I haven't had a problem. I came home lightheaded only once so far, and it was on fast Sunday which was my first week here, but it wasn't too bad. President has advised me to not go without water if needed when I fast, so I will make sure I don't let it get bad enough. I am starting to be able to really tell if it will be too much for me, and I can feel my blood pressure get close to dropping, and so far I have only had to stop a few times to walk up some hills, but we avoid the big ones for the most part. The bikes in Crowthorne had really rubbish gears, and so it was hard to change them, but here it is pretty easy, and I am getting the feel for when it is best to shift down/up.

I love you all, hope you have a great week! Sorry I can't send pictures this week, the library won't allow for usb's yet, and the Sharpes took their laptop with them so I can't send anything to you until they get back, or until the library changes its wicked ways, whichever one comes first. LOL

Have a great week!
Elder Brown

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