Monday, May 4, 2015

New companion Elder Harris!

We work with our ward mission leader quite often, which is really good. He is a Return missionary from Gana, Africa. He is super cool! We do our best to get members on teaches with us, but we need to do better, so we are hoping to work more closely with them this transfer.

I will have my ipad by next Sunday,so that will be cool.

Our ward mission leader over hear does street dance for his job. It is basically the dubstep style dance that we watched on youtube ages ago. I haven't gotten to see him actually dance yet, but I hear he is really good!

My new companion is Elder Harris.  I have no pictures of him yet, but I will get you some soon. Central London was a blast! I am waiting on some pictures to be sent to me from others, but I have attached the ones from my camera.

 Elder Brown next to a telephone booth
 with Big Ben in the background


Selfie with elder Wagoman and elder Wessman as we walked through Central London, 

Elder Brown next to a guard with a horse.

Elder Brown in front of Buckingham palace.

Elder Brown in front of the prince of wales theater with the Book of Mormon play advertisement.

A random chicken bone in the street (classic Peckham) everyone eats fried chicken here.

Pictures of Cambodian ties that I finally got from Elder Kroch (saw him at the iPad training)

Fufu and peanut soup for dinner after doing painting for Sister Aidou (I think she is from Gana)

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