Monday, April 27, 2015

I feel like I'm in Africa!

By the Thames River

London is totally different!!!!! It is like serving in Africa, but with really good public transportation and a few British people. Our ward is like 90% black, which is sooo much fun!

I know how to say hello and other greetings in like 4 African languages, I love foo-foo (an African food, kinda like mashed potatoes, but totally different at the same time, served with soup usually) and Jalaf rice (African deliciousness). 

I can say hello or how are you in Polish, Russian, Bengali (Bangladesh), whatever language they use in Zimbabwe, Kincongo (Congo), Mandrin Chinese, Bulgarian, Swahili, Tri (Ghana), the language of Seira leone, Jamaican, and in languages from two tribes in Nigeria. I don't think I missed any, but I might have. Either way you can see the cultural diversity!

I love this place! It is sooo much fun as a missionary. If you speak African to an African they go crazy and love you and ask you if you have been there, and you say no, we just have a lot of friends from there in our church, and every time, virtually every single time, they ask, "Where's your church!?" And then you teach them and every African who overheard you talking to them comes up to you afterwards and asks if you have been to Africa, and you do it again!!!! It is soo fun. 

This will definitely be my last area. President pretty much told me that. My departure date is currently July 22.

We didn't get to see the new investigators this week, but we will keep trying to contact them. We have a bunch of new people to see soon as well. M__is doing well, they weren't at church though because it was stake conference and they didn't make the effort to go that far, just like the rest of our investigators. It was a good week overall, and I am having tons of fun! 

We are going into central London today, so I will have tons of touristy pictures for you next week!

Here is a picture by the Thames River

 This is a Car accident we saw while Elder Hare
 was taking a driving lesson

The next three pictures are a crazy experience in Peckham
We found a bathtub next to our flat buildings rubbish bins, and so we carried it up and because we live with two other elders we pranked them by putting it in elder Ocando's bed with his blankets and everything. They got home before us though, and when we got back we caught them red-handed as they were moving it into my bed! We caught them on video and everything. Because we got back late I didn't have much time to sort it all out, and so I just slept in the bathtub on top of the bunk-bed. It was super uncomfortable, but I got some funny pictures out of it!

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