Monday, July 13, 2015

The Lord is Pleased with what we have accomplished!

We had a great week, but I can't remember most of it because it went by so fast. 

Wimbledon tennis, and all of the tube strikes, etc has been crazy, but it hasn't affected us too much, we just had to adjust our routes and things in advance. 

This week is going to be a busy in regards to zone leader responsibilities. We have two district meetings and two exchanges, a training meeting for the ward mission leaders and bishops in the stake, as well as interviews for all the missionaries in the zone with president Gubler.

President Gubler is really cool. He will do great things for this mission, in fact he already has. Our mission leadership council was epic, and our zone leadership council was really good as well because we followed the same pattern.

During accounting last night, Elder Bos (one of the AP's) asked us how we felt, and that moment was one of the few where I had the distinct feeling that the Lord was pleased with what had been accomplished, not just by us in our area, but by the zone as well. It was just one of those moments where you really just have to stop for a second and listen, and it just felt so good. To think it has taken me this long
to get that feeling, it was really nice.

Here are some pictures of a lady in Peckham who finally got baptized after myself and a bunch of other missionaries tried to get her there. Missionaries have been teaching her for a long time, and she has been coming to church, but refused to be baptized, because she had already been
baptised four times in other churches. This picture is literally the result of ceaseless prayers and much fasting, by missionaries and her family for a number of years. I was there for the invitation to her baptismal date, and was lucky enough to attend part of her baptism as well!

I arrive at the glacier international airport in Kalispell at 10:10 on July 22nd, as that is pretty late, I don't think I will be able to walk home, I will be too tired, is there anyway you can arrange a ride for me? Lol

Love you all,
Elder Brown

Faithful unto Life Eternal

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