Monday, July 6, 2015

New Mission President Gubler!

This week was pretty good, we dropped 4 of our dates, but we got 3 more as well, so hopefully they will be a bit more solid. We are really working hard to get these people to come to church, but no success thus far. We had a baptism in the zone, one of the guys I knew in Peckham, he is really cool. Great guy from Jamaica. 

We met our new mission president, and he is really cool. He is revolutionizing the mission when it comes to technology. He gave the AP's smartphones, and is most likely going to
get them for zone leaders within a few transfers. He already ordered a new projector. This guy likes his gadgets. He was an electrical engineer. He is super motivating, and a lot of fun.

President Millar will be missed for sure, but the mantle has definitely passed, and president Gubler is definitely the right guy for the job now.

We had a fun zone preparation day today.  We went to an African restaurant with the whole zone and the AP's, the same one we went to after exchange with the AP's when I was with elder Harris. 

I love you all, have a great week.
Faithful unto Life Eternal

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