Monday, January 27, 2014


Me and the district Elders
This week was pretty good! We had a fitness activity on Friday, that went pretty well. We only had one non-member there, but because it is going to be a weekly thing, we are hoping to get more and more as the weeks continue!
Faith's baptism on Sunday went very well, her parents were there, as well as her sister. Her mom was crying a little and kept saying how proud she was of her. Faith's family is planning on coming to church next week to see her conformation, and we are hoping that they will be our next baptismal dates. They have already expressed interest in it so it should be good. None of our investigators made it to sacrament meeting, one of them, M__, was ill, but was planning on coming. We are hoping to extend a baptismal date to him as well. He is probably the most committed of all of our investigators at the moment.
I am doing well, we had a great exchange with the Zone Leaders on Saturday, and it was really nice to work with Elder Mannucci again, and see how we have improved since last time. Elder Lamb and I are hoping to have a great week this week! We have set some really good goals for working more effectively and in better unity, and we are both excited from the exchanges we had. I always have interesting door-knocking experiences, but none of them seem funny or crazy anymore, because I have done it so much! We met this African guy, who had probably the coolest name I have ever heard! His name is Chill!
Our family history being in England I would love to come back and visit England with you guys after I get back, it would be really cool!
Transfers are on the 5th.
Last blogs pictures of the Knife was Brother Hammonds he
 got the knife from the Philippians. His wife is Pilipino, so he bought it when they were down there at some point. It is pretty cool innit!
I love you all!!!!!!!!! Love hearing from you guys too! I attached a few photos. Unfortunately I don't have one with faith in her baptismal clothes, because we were doing last minute prep, and elder George baptized her, so he has a photo, but I'm not in it. I will send it to you when I get it though.
 Picture of a diagram of a street with a LA on it, needless to say it was more confusing than the following statement: when the lots of just you give their is a dogs don't know!
 The pictures are of faith in the armor of God that we made for her! They are a bit creepy, because her eyes turned out red, but that just makes it better!

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