Monday, February 3, 2014

No Transfer, New Companion!


Look what I found!  

                          Elder Lamb, Elder Mannucci               Elder Brown, Elder George

Thanks for scanning the recipes for me. I am making pizza for the Mexican couple Elder Mannucci and I found ages ago! Elder Lamb and I bumped into the wife at a bus stop, and were talking to her and suggested that we come cook for them sometime! She got super excited, so we have planned what we are going to cook, and have decided to make a pizza at there place and teach the plan of salvation to them by using the toppings to make a diagram of the plan on the pizza! I will send a photo of it next week!
We picked up a new investigator that we taught twice this week! He is from Mexico City. He has been taught in the past and his brother is a member. He wants to learn and has tons of questions, but he doesn't think he will ever join. We are hoping he changes his mind.
I'm not being transferred. I'm still in the same place, and still the District Leader's companion for another 6 weeks! Elder Lamb is going to be a Zone Leader, and I am getting a polish companion Elder Wilcosh. We were both pretty surprised at the transfers. The entire ward thought that Elder Lamb was going to stay, but we are both excited for this upcoming transfer. I am pretty happy with the opportunity to continue to work with some of the people here.
This week was pretty good. We did a lot of work with Less-Active Members and some Recent Converts as well. Unfortunately only a small percentage of our investigators that committed to come to church actually came, but it was still nice to see a few people there. Faith was confirmed this Sunday, and her father came to see it. It went very well, and she is doing great.
Elder George and Faith
We got loads of potentials that we are hoping to get back with this week. We will just have to stay on top of them all!

My sore throat came for a while and then left again, it just comes and goes but it's nothing huge. My clothes and socks are holding up well. I haven't had to replace anything. My prom shoes are destroyed though! I can't believe how far into school you guys are right now, it makes me realize how fast time passes! I will miss Brother Depratu, it's very unfortunate.
I love you all so much you guys are wonderful. I have attached a few photos for you. 
Two king like breakfasts I had this week!
The coins are a cool thing I figured out when I first came, but it took me a long time to get all the necessary coins for it!
Look at the shield it makes.

Have a wonderfull week!

Elder B

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