Monday, January 6, 2014

Feeling lots better!

Feeling lots better, but it is still there, especially in the mornings! Thanks for all the prayers, there helping! I didn't even realize it was new years eve until about 6:00 while we were out knocking I just didn't even notice it!  We didn't really have much training when it came to family history, but there is some stuff online, that I have seen! Haven't met with any of the people in the tower yet, but we are hoping to this week! 
          This week was pretty good, We didn't get any new investigators unfortunately, but we got a lot of new potentials, who seem to be pretty promising! J__, one of our investigators, is finally starting to progress a little, he wants to come to church, and he asked if he could start paying tithing! I thought that was pretty cool. We taught him about tithing and fast offerings, and we are trying to get someone who is available to give him a lift to church as he can't drive. B__, another one of our investigators, who has been quite busy lately, was finally able to meet with us, as well. He has finally started to give time to the Book of Mormon, and he has proposed to come to church every other week for now. He admitted that he isn't too happy with his church, and he can't hear the sermons very well, so he has just been reading the BofM during the service! We recommitted him to pray about the Book of Mormon and he has accepted. So hopefully he will start to progress soon. F__, our baptismal date, wasn't at church, because she didn't have a ride. We haven't been in contact for a while, and they haven't responded to our texts recently, so we are hoping they are doing ok, but we are going to really try and get the rest of the family to come to church, so that F__
can be at church even if the members are unavailable to give her a lift.
I have been doing well. studies have been going well lately, and I have been learning a lot more which is great! My illness, has finally started to die down. I have just been taking stuff for sore throats, and it has been helping.
I have been taking it slow with the chocolate! Out of the 60,000 calories, I would say we have about 30,000 left or so! Not too bad for one week right!
We had a fun obstacle course we did at the church for P-Day but I didn't do it because I was sick. I knew that if  I brought p-day clothes I would over do it and make myself even more sick! I was feeling really awful that day. I didn't dress because I was just eliminating the temptation, plus we are supposed to wear pros always unless the activity requires something different, so there was no point in changing for me, the others just changed at the chapel!
There have been some crazy storms over here lately, we actually got an evacuation suggestion on our phone, because of an upcoming flood! We stayed with the missionaries in Hedge End just in case, but we are on the second floor, so nothing happened!
 I Love you all lots, and I can't wait to hear from you guys again, I attached a few photos! Elder Lamb was pretty happy, he was interviewing M__ for baptism (M__ is the Southampton elders investigator), and he asked him to baptize him. It was Elder Lamb's first time actually performing the ordinance, so that was cool!
Elder Lamb ready for his first time baptizing.
Elder Lamb and Southampton elders  
 Me in front of a cool statue in my area.
 Presents that ward members gave us.
My first attempt at a balloon animal.



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