Monday, February 10, 2014

The Plan of Salvation Pizza!

My new companion is Elder Wilkosz. He is one of the five missionaries in the world from Poland! He has been out for 20 months, so I have another "old man" in mission terms! He is a great guy and is very obedient which is good! He has only been a member for about 3 years, and none of his family are members!

We have already found some good potentials this week, but unfortunately a few of our most solid potentials and new investigators dropped us because their families/spouses don't like the idea of us meeting with them! We have set a goal to ask better questions in finding and to avoid using yes or no questions always. We are thinking of teaching English to polish people sometime in the future if we can find enough people who would be interested.
Elder Wilkosz used to serve in Southampton ward one year ago and loves seeing how his old area is doing, and he seems to enjoy being in an area that he knows a little bit already! We didn't have any investigators at church yesterday, but hopefully we can change that soon. We had 3 less active members come though!
Yesterday we stopped a lady at the bus stop and began to talk to her. She was a young single mother. She said she was shocked when we stopped her because she has being thinking about God and the purpose of life a lot recently.  It wasn't even her bus stop but she had to get off because the bus was done for the day, and then she met us! She told us of a recent experience in which she had a lot of things work out well for her when normally they wouldn't happen. She got a letter in the mail at her flat, which she just moved into, that was addressed to her and said that she was going to be given some vouchers/coupons for brand new furniture to furnish her new flat! When she opened the letter she felt a sort of presence behind her and heard a voice telling her everything would be ok! That was a pretty good contact! She doesn't live in our area though, so we referred her to Southampton.
The pizza went great, it went pretty long though, so next time I do it I will probably try to shorten it and have a pizza for us to eat in the oven, while teaching! I attached a photo of the pizza! 
The Plan of Salvation Pizza!
Onions represent pre-mortal existence, Earth life with all the ham as people, and the Spirit World That has both spirit prison and spirit paradise.
The pineapple that looks like the sun is the Celestial kingdom, Red peppers that looks like the moon is the Terrestrial kingdom, and the pineapple star is the Telestial kingdom.
Thanks you guys so much! I love you all, and I will talk to you next week.  Hope you guys have a great week!
Elder Brown

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