Monday, February 24, 2014

A Nice Scene From England's Shores.

We didn't get to teach most of the people we met last week, because they all flogged us on the return appointments we had set. (flogged means they didn't show up and didn't tell us that they weren't going to be there) E__, our Baptismal Date doesn't want to feel pressured, so he no longer has a date, but he understands what we are teaching and he wants to find out. He just thinks that he needs, personally, to read the entire Book of Mormon, and understand it before he can sincerely pray and ask if it is true. So he will probably be slow progressing, but he is committed and has been coming to activities and church. He was sick this Sunday, but still came to see us just before church was over!

I am doing great! We just struggle to find anyone who seems to be committed, but we keep trying. We have been flogged by a lot by people we have set appointments with, so we are going to try family history more as a focus for this week. Hopefully we will be able to find people that way.
We were counseled in zone conference to start using it in finding, but I don't really have many ideas to go on!

My companion and I get along well, but because his parents don't have email, he doesn't have much to do while I write home, so I try to use less time! Sorry!

Here are couple of pictures of me and my newest companion and the Wildes right after we fixed their fence! They moved to Leeds, so I probably wont see them again! 

Elder Wilkosz my companion from Poland with the Wildes.
 We have found a few polish people, but they always say not interested, or they seem golden and we set a return appointment and they don't show up, or we get their phone number and they never answer, or hang up! We have one of the largest populations of polish people in the UK here in Southampton, but they don't seem to be effective. We found one polish lady last night, who seems promising, so hopefully she will be home when we come for the appointment we set with her!

Me and Elder George. I got to see him at zone conference!
Here is a scripture to look up Read 1 Peter 1:1-10, it essentially outlines the steps we take to perfection, and what order the Christ like attributes seem to go in in terms of progression! It goes pretty deep when you cross reference it with other stuff, but I won't blow your mind with it till I come home, when I can properly sit down and show you! Maybe you can figure it all out!I love you guys so much! Hope you guys have a great week!
Elder Dailen Brown


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