Monday, March 17, 2014

Moving on!

This week was pretty good, although we have street contacted in the same place for tooo long I think. I recognize most of the people there, and I have stopped most of them multiple times. Very few people listened to us on thursday this weekThursday was pretty rough. We had no appointments planned at all that day, so we had to do finding for 8+ hours! And because I have knocked nearly every road here, and it isn't very effective, we street contacted in Bitterne shops for most of the day using our whiteboard. By the end of the day, we were so fed up with the ingnorance of most of the people, so we changed our whiteboard to suit the situation! LOL (I attacehed a photo of it). But, I don't ever have to work that area again! I'M MOVING!!!!! I'm going to Reading stake! I thought that I wasn't going to move, but Elder Wilkosz and I are both going. He is being a Zone Leader in Welling (near London). This area is having a total switch. Elder Kopishke, Elder Mannucci's companion is now the new AP, which is cool, and Elder Green is also moving. So this ward is geting 4 missionaries switched on them!
They released Brother Whitehead? Wow! He has been Scout Master for so long, I thought that would never happen, but due to circumstances, I guess it makes sense. He is still in scouting though. That is clearly his calling! 
A few people here speak like pirates.  I haven't really thought about it too much. A lot of people here drop there t's and h's and no one pronounces their r's. Southampton becomes sou-ampon! The people who talk like that are basically poor people. But thankfully these are the people who seem to listen to us because they are humble, They are hard to get progressing, but when they finally begin to progress the gospel benefits them and they begin to change!  
I will let you know who my new companion is next week but this is where I will be at.
The Reading stake covers Witney, Oxford, Abingdon, Littlemore, Emmer Green, Newbury, Reading, Basingstoke, Bracknell, Farnborough, and Woodley. It is about 50 miles North of where I am and closer to London. 
 Elder Wilkosz

Did I ever tell you to look up "Mr. Mormon - The Solar System and the Scriptures?" if not you should check it out, It is really mind-blowing! Anyway, love you lots and hope you have a good week!

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