Monday, March 10, 2014

Singing in the Street!

Spiritual Thought:
How Can I Find Strength in Hard Times?
Have faith in Jesus Christ and rely on Him
When we rely on the Savior, we can overcome even the
hardest of times. Remember to trust in Him and know that
with His help you can do all things. There is no trial in life
that we cannot overcome when the Savior is by our side.
Philipians 4:13

We had a good week! Tried out a new finding idea. Nerve racking, but it was fun! We went to our busiest street, and started singing hymns and literally preaching to people like in the good-old days! It was funny to see some peoples reactions,  and I think I saw a guy videoing us as well. We had a LA member come up to us as we were doing it, and we set an appointment with her for this week, said a prayer with her, and she got pretty emotional. Most of the people who came up to us were a bit contentious though, so I'm not sure how effective it really was. We found a few promising families who we have appointments set up for this week. We started teaching a few people who seem like they will keep their appointments, so hopefully things will start picking up with them, and we can find some more soon as well. Thanks for all the prayers!
I am doing great, I feel like I have been able to improve a lot this transfer, and I feel a bit more comfortable in every stage of the work. We prayed with a young family in our ward after teaching them the restoration. We prayed to know who they can share the gospel with. The spirit was very strong, and one of the daughters in the family got very emotional after/during the prayer. She told us that as we knelt she thought to herself that no-one will come to her mind, but as we prayed she saw vividly in her mind the face of a coworker. It was a powerful experience and we will see what the outcome is!
I know that the Lord is with us, and I can honestly say that there is no doubt in my mind that the gospel is true! We were talking to a lady on the street in the dark at about 8 pm one night, and she said something like you don't know, you only believe, and I responded with "I am 99% sure, I almost know," but when I said it I felt like I was lying! I was shocked really. The more I think about it, I come to realize that there really is no doubt in my mind anymore! Honestly no doubt at all. The mission has really changed me. A lot! Thanks for bringing me up the way you did. You and Dad don't know how good you are!
We have had really nice weather this week! Tons of sun and very little rain! I even wore a short sleeve shirt for the first time since I first got here. We usually find out transfers on Monday, but because I am the district leader's companion I often hear it on Sunday instead. I am telling you right now, with the spirit of revelation, that I am going to stay a bit longer! Elder Wilkosz was told that he won't finish his mission in this area, and he only has two transfers left after this one ends. If he goes Zone  Leader he will go now, If he trains he will go now, and I doubt that he won't do one of those two, so I am probably still going to be here! We'll see though, you never know!
I am glad you guys have had success back home, hopefully the people being taught can and will change.
I love you all so much!!! I miss you tons, and I am glad you guys are all doing well. I hope you guys have a wonderful week!
Love Elder Brown 
 Elder Dailen Brown on Exchange with Elder Ye a Chinese Missionary
 This is one of the finding tactics we have done a few times over the last few weeks.

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