Monday, October 20, 2014

Big Chess!

The obedience is going well, we rid ourselves of all the little things that we thought were ok, and are doing everything we can to keep improving.  This week was a pretty good week. We had zone conference, which was sooooooo good, and we have started to apply as much of it as possible in our work here. One of the things we were taught was how to
teach like angels!! It comes from 1 Nephi 11 where Nephi is taught by the angel of the Lord. Basically we use the pamphlets and show the pictures and ask them what they see, which allows us to immediately know what needs to be taught/what they know already! Elder Alambra and I have used the teaching like angels approach a few times already and have seen miracles and blessings from it! T__ finally has a baptismal date again, and her son will be able to attend! She is so excited to get baptized and I believe she is definitely ready to make that covenant.

We tried two new finding ideas this week. As you know Elder Alambra and I have made a large scale chess set and this week we brought it to a local park and set it up with a sign asking others to challenge us. We began to play. We tried it twice, once Tuesday morning and once Saturday afternoon on Tuesday we had six men who worked at the park come up to us and watched for a while. We began to speak to them and invited one to play in place of Elder Alambra. He destroyed us in about 10 moves! We could see that it definitely softened his heart towards us, and he honked and waved to us later on that day.On Saturday only one person approached us, although the park was much busier. A young 17 year old man approached us. After playing a match with us he asked us who we were, and what we did. We then spoke to him about the gospel. He took a card and said he would speak to his parents. After that, we began to discuss on if it was really effective to do the chess idea, and how we might improve it. I prayed for help and guidance, and on Sunday a man waited for traffic, crossed the main road and came up to us as we waited at the bus stop for a bus. He asked us if we were the ones that did the big chess at the park and we told him we were. He then thanked us, and asked us to do it again during the week at midday as that is one of the busiest times! We have decided to continue to try it out a few more times to see where it goes. We also printed of still pictures from a Mormon message and are using them in the street with the angel teaching approach. We have only just started to do this one, but it seems to work very well so far.
The district is doing well. Elder Kroch is struggling with the language and asked me for help, so hopefully I can help him out. 

Some of Dailen's MTC group at recent tri-Zone Conference
Front Row: Elder Bradshaw?, Elder Herrod, Elder Erickson, Elder Wetsel, Elder ?, Elder Cullen?
Back Row: Sister Jacob, Sister McLaws, Sister Brittain, Sister Draper, Elder Brown, Elder Jackman, Elder Machado?, Elder ? Elder Glasgow, Elder Fisher, Elder Moore?, Elder Wessman?, Elder Wolfgramm?

Elder Alambra at the park playing chess.

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