Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Success with the Remote Control Cars

How can I be courageous in my decisions?

Recognize that God will bless you for your righteous choices.

All of us will have experiences and circumstances in which we will need to demonstrate righteous courage, in plain view of those we associate with.  Always remember that the Lord will empower you to choose the right.  He will reward you for your courage and righteous behavior with happiness and joy.

"Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord."
- Psalms 31:24

This week was a bit rough for us. I am feeling much better, but we had a bit of a what we call "flat fever," from being ill, for the first part of the week, and didn't work as hard as we should have, but we both have the motivation we need to get back into the spirit of the work and out of the bad habits that are trying to sneak there way in. General conference was wonderful, inspiring, motivating and gave me much to ponder and apply. I liked Elder Utchdworf's first talk in the Saturday Morning session! That one was really good! All of the talks were quite good as usual. General-conference link

I hope that this next week will be much better than this last one, and I am determined to work hard to get the success we need. Although this last week was a bit rough, we did have some good highlights. Saturday at around noon, we met Jean and her granddaughter, Amie, as well as one of her nonmember grandsons, A__, at a small high street/shops area close to her home. We finally used remote controlled cars! The two young kids drove the cars around the high street (out of the way of pedestrians) to get attention, and we allowed some children who came up to us with their parents to give them a go. It definitely attracted a lot of attention, and many people seemed intrigued by the questions we had on the signs. The activity only lasted about 30 min, as the batteries died at that point, but we were able to build a great relationship with A__, as well as meet a few young families that had come up to us. We are going to have the "ask me" signs on us next time to see if we can get more people to come up to us so that we can find this way. It was great to break out of the usual way of finding and see the curiosity of others increase a bit. 

This is a picture of our Remote control finding activity 

We are thinking of more ways, such as Chess, and a few of the members here have taken up the challenge to come up with ideas, so I look forward to telling you about a few more!

Elder Alambra asleep on boxes he was cutting chess pieces out of.

Elder Piseth has some sort of disease (president said it might be shingles), and the doctors told him to stay in, so they took a bit of time in the flat this week, but they still had some good appointments and quite a bit of success. Elder Piseth is moving, and a new Elder from Cambodia is replacing him! Everyone else is the same.

I liked Elder Utchdworf's first talk in the Saturday Morning session! That one was really good! All of the talks were quite good as usual.

I am glad you all survived this week, and had a great time being instructed by prophets of the Most High! I love you all, and hope you have a great week. Videos are up, pictures attached! Enjoy!
Elder Brown

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