Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Finding like Angels!

What should the Earth mean to us?

Our Home is a gift we must care for and cherish.

The Earth is much more than somewhere we live or something to consume; it is a gift from God to mankind.  We depend on this gift and we have a responsibility to care for it.  This Home provides for us in beauty and bounty when we nurture it.  So, let us all care a little more for God's creations, and realize that the state of our souls and the environment are connected.
"The earth in its pristine beauty is an expression of the nature of its Creator."  
- Gordon B. Hinckley

This week was really good. We have gotten T_ baptism all lined up and organized. She is so excited for it which is great! The only concern is that she can't be confirmed until the 9th of November because we have stake conference next week. The ward has a lot of activities between her baptism and then, and we will keep daily contact with her, so it should be fine. 

We used the Mormon message pictures to find like angels this week, quite a lot, and it was pretty effective. People seemed much more willing to speak to us when we used it. 

We plan to make another flip chart, but this one will have pictures that don't necessarily present a specific message, but lead people to see the blessings and importance of the gospel. We hope that it will help us teach to needs in the street and on the door, and also help us get return appointments with those we speak to.

 We used our giant chess idea twice this week, but it wasn't as effective as before, so we are reevaluating and trying to improve it. The first time was on Thursday at 12:00, which is when the man who came up to us said would be a good time, but no one came up to us at all. I won the game against Elder Alambra though, that doesn't happen often.

We haven't seen the 17 year old yet. The second time we played Chess was Saturday at 4:00 and we invited one of our investigators, R__ to come with us to do it. He really enjoyed it. HE was inviting people to come up to us! So we will probably bring him along when we can. He also invited us to an activity with some of his friends as well! It's a Quirkle night! I hope they are ready to lose to Elder Brown! It's a good thing I have had a lot of experience playing with you guys. We are trying to find more ideas, and I am trying to receive revelation on how to help Elder Hafen and Elder Kroch to find new ways of approaching people as well. They haven't done anything different yet. We will see where next week goes! 

The ward here is having a Halloween Trunk and Treat on Halloween night! And they are having a bonfire, fireworks and a wait for iiiiiiiiit..................hog roast! A proper South African hog roast. Two South African members are coming at 12:00 noon to start making it to have it ready for 6:30 pm or so when the activity starts!

I love you all to bits! Thanks for telling me about your week! I attached a few photos.
Elder Brown
A very windy day. Elder Brown with a fresh hair cut.

Elder Alambra taking a rest on the bus.


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