Monday, February 16, 2015

New Companion!

My new companion is Elder Kastner, he is from Germany.

My new companion is pretty good, he wants to work hard and is obedient, so all is well. He just doesn't like the bikes too much, but neither did I when I first got here. I love them now, it can be quite fun biking around! He has been out for 6 months. 

We have had a decent week, but the work is going slow, people keep cancelling or flogging appointments. The adversary has really been working hard over here, we can all feel it (some investigators have mentioned it also). The zone leaders can tell as well. It seems like we meet a lot of cool people, but they all fall through the cracks. So this week was a bit tough, but we have high hopes for the next few weeks.
We are doing a branch fast, each member fasting one day until the end of February and we really feel that it will help!

Elder Brown by the Victor Hugo Statue in Candie Gardens

I am also excited for the new training plan for the mission. The Europe authorities are going to train myself and the other district leaders and zone leaders on it, and it is supposed to be pretty intense! 

Also, I was thinking about how we might be able to better work with the members, and it brought to my mind a letter that we got while on the trek (all those years ago). 
The letter was from "Heavenly Father" and was given to everyone, but I remember it being very touching and seemingly very personal to me.  If you could send it to me. I don't know how much it would help us, but anything that brings people closer to God works for me!

We have flowers blooming over here, so it must be just a weird winter!  

We have been playing a game called nerts in the evening when we have everything done and have time before bed. It is really fun, I will have to teach it to you guys sometime.

I love you all, Hope you have a great week!
Elder Brown

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