Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Traveling to the main Land for transfers!

I traveled all day on Monday because Elder Senkans got transferred and I went with him on the plane and then came back with my new companion.  I got to see most of "Meet the Mormons" at the visitors center while I waited though. It's really good! I wish they would put it in theaters over here on this side of the world. 

My last picture with Elder Senkans

I am wearing my new suit 

I have been reading the February ensign the last few days, and they talk a lot about family history and how it is much easier than it used to be, and how it is supposed to get even easier soon. I think I will focus on it a lot more when I come home. I want to make sure I spend time on it. I had a cool experience during studies and it left me with the profound thought that if we want to be happy with our ancestors in the celestial kingdom, then it is extremely important to get to know them now, and even though they are not here, we can grow to love who they are, their personalities and everything else. It was cool.

This delicious cake, was made by Sister Sharpe for Elder Senkans' birthday. I told her about the Reeses peanut butter cake, and Elder Senkans said that it sounds good, but if she can't find a recipe, cheesecake would be his next choice. Sister, Sharpe found this cake, which is a three layer reeses peanut butter chocalate cake, and one of the layers is a peanut butter cheesecake! It was sooooooooooooooo good! Really heavy, but so good!

This picture was taken from our bowling fun on 
preparation day, after eating the cake.

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