Monday, February 2, 2015

Best Brownies in the World!

This week wasn't too bad. M_ (investigator who has been taught since last may and has known and testified of the truthfulness of the church for months) finally began to progress. She has struggled so much. The adversary has thrown so much at her, and that she says is a part of why she knows it is true. She has felt his influence, and has seen so many trials since last May, that it couldn't be anything else. She is easily the "Job" of all those I have taught. We decided to pray each night and morning for her and our other investigators. In fact we went to bed 15 min early each night to give us time to pray more earnestly for each of the people we teach. We definitely saw the blessings. We called her Saturday night, and spoke with her for a while. eventually she broke down in tears and decided she needs to just get baptized soon. We comforted her and told her that we would be there every step of the way, and that if she needs any help she should not hesitate to call us. We now have established daily contact with her, she came to church, and she is praying about a date for herself to be baptized. This is a massive improvement for her progression. I had only met her once before this.

We also had good success in finding. We went out as a district with Elder Andersons homemade brownies and stopped people in the street asking them what they would think if we said they were the best brownies in the world. The response we wanted was that they would have to try it first to see, and then we related it to the message of the gospel. You must experience it first before you can decide whether it is good or not. It was a lot of fun, cheered up many people's day and helped many to think about listening to us, and being more open about their beliefs. There are many people on the island of Guernsey that have now testified that our claim of the world's best brownies is true, now we just have to get them to read the Book of Mormon!

The district is doing well, but Elder Heninger is a bit frustrated, because M_ M_, our miracle from last week came to church and dropped them last night over the phone. She felt really bad about it, but she got freaked out because each time she has met with the missionaries and come to church her feet have been really cold, like icy. Even though she was wearing thermal socks and boots. We feel like it is the adversary again. She is so sincere, and was so prepared. She said she will still read the Book of Mormon, plans to finish it. (She read 18 chapters of it on her phone before the missionaries even mentioned it to her). Elder Heninger was so upset. A lot of their other investigators are becoming less committed as well. You can see how much genuine love he has for each investigator though. He definitely cares about them. 

So a bit of a mixed week. All of us hate Satan though, he has been working hard. M_ actually called him a jerk on the phone. It was really funny. Elder Heninger told her that the adversary would do everything he could to stop her and she was like " I know, that guy is such a big jerk!" 

My health is doing great, fast Sundays are the only struggle, but I still managed it. I can really feel the difference without water though, unbelievable how much function my body loses without it.

Weather here is basically wind, rain, hail, and occasional sunshine, but that never warms things up because the wind cuts right through you. I have determined that if you want to know which direction the wind is going, all you need to do is find out which direction you are going and it will be the opposite of that. It is literally always against you. 

The building we meet in for Church is called the Castel Douzaine Room. It is very small, one room and a kitchen. We have the full 3 hour block. Primary meets in the kitchen for second hour, and then (as their is just one kid) they join with relief society for hour 3 and the priesthood use the kitchen to meet then. We just got the go ahead for a new building though, and it will be rented for full use this time. The building we are in now only is rented out to us for Sunday mornings for the three hours.

Love all of you!!!! Have a wonderful week!!!
Elder Brown

On the shore of Guernsey Island

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