Monday, April 20, 2015

4 new investigators!

We had a really good week. We got 4 new investigators, 3 of them are from one family who we found and taught in about 45 minutes. We basically stopped her in the street and talked with her and then felt that we should teach her then and there. (This means start with a prayer, teach a lesson, extend a commitment, invite, and end with a prayer). So we invited her to sit with us and she said, "why don't we just go in my flat and talk with my family? I live right here." We were like, " Yeah, we can do that!" It was really cool. The other investigator was found virtually the same way. Super cool! 

We shared this miracle with some missionaries in our zone and the next day they had a flogged appointment, and said to themselves, "we can't get discouraged, if the zone leaders can do it, we can do it". They ended up teaching one guy in their chapel, just pulled him off the street and gave him a chapel tour and got a return appointment. also they called a potential, met with him the same day and he has a baptismal date. They were so excited to share it with us. It is great to see people follow your example and increase their faith!

M__ Baptismal date is the 16 of May right now, but it may come up sooner if all goes well with his mom. He was christened in the catholic church, so his mum seems to think that is all he needed, but we helped her understand. I don't think she was paying much attention when she was first taught, and I think that she was baptized because of fellowship more than having a testimony. We have to work with her on that, but she has come to church twice in a row without us coming to get them, so that is good.

As for our goals, I don't think we accomplished them every day, but we have tons of phone numbers for people and had loads more return appointments than before. Setting goals like this really changes the way you work and helps you achieve much more.

I already know the day I am going to leave to come home. It will be the 27th of July. I lose about a week of my 2 year mission, but that isn't too bad a lot of missionaries lose a transfer because of visa issues.

Only rich people in England have dishwashers and dryers (for clothes). It is super weird. They all think that it uses to much energy and stuff like that. So I have only had one area with a dishwasher, so I have gotten used to washing by hand. It really isn't bad when you don't have many living with you.

Hope you have a great week!
Elder Brown

Elder Brown with his giant pancakes  

An Epic playground

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