Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Companion Elder Hare!

We had a great week, but it was super busy again. We had District leader council to organize and carry out on Tuesday and then zone training we had to plan and present Friday, and then general conference and our chapel tour on top of that. It was a great week though! tons of fun!

This next week we can finally focus on our own area. It seems to have died a bit because of all of the planning for the zone we had to do. But the rest of the transfer, we don't have to worry about nearly as much, so things should pick up here soon.

I had a great Easter, it didn't really feel like Easter, and it flew by, but it was good anyway. We did a cool chapel tour on Saturday where we took people around the chapel on a path through Christ's final week in mortality. We started with palm Sunday and ended with resurrection Sunday. It was super successful, especially for being last minute and completely organized by us.

The sisters were talking to an African guy, and he decided to come to the chapel to take the tour, and while they were speaking to him a guy, named R__, saw them out the window when he was in McDonald's, and felt like he should follow them, so he did.  I ended up taking him through the tour, and we will be meeting with him on Wednesday this week! It was super cool to hear him describe how he found the chapel and why he came.

Love you all! Have a great week! I only have 1 picture for you of my companion, I haven't  had anytime to take any others really. I will forward some from my companion. Not only did we meet Elder Bernal (from the district 1), but we had him speak at our Zone training! He is in our ward until the end of April, and we will probably take him on teaches with us.

Elder Hare my new companion

                                                    Elder Bernal       Elder Brown              Elder Hare

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