Monday, June 29, 2015

People asking to be baptized!

My week was pretty good.The zone is at 22 baptismal dates right now, we have 8 in our own area. We have seen a lot of success as we have increased our faith.

We had a few really cool miracles as well. One guy approached us on the street and said that he wanted to learn, because he had a friend that taught him a bit in the past. We didn't have time to meet with him then, but we set an appointment, and then we extended a baptismal date
a few days later, and he was all for it. 

We have seen similar miracles throughout the zone. Missionaries have received referrals of those who literally ask to be baptized. We met a lady outside the chapel who
after we said hello, immediately asked us what time the church starts. When we said 10 on Sundays, she said "I am thinking of joining this church." Needless to say, things are going great.

Faithful unto Life Eternal

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