Monday, December 16, 2013

A reminder of our family!

 We are teaching two free masons. J_____, the 65+, wheelchair bound mason man, is doing well. Teaching him is slow, because he talks a lot, which is pretty funny, because he always says the same things. I think he might have a slight case of amnesia, which might cause a problem. We have decided that the best way to teach him is to either read to him, or watch videos, so it will be pretty different, but I think it will be great! He would love to come to church, but he can't drive and he can only use a specific vehicle for his wheelchair anyway, so we offered to find someone who would give him a lift to church in his own car. He was like super stoked for it. Anyway we found a member who said he would love to help, but J_____ won't be available in the mornings on Sundays until January.  At least he is interested and we have it figured out. The other Mason is M____. He is the Partner(not married but living together) of a La woman. Their family is so great, and they are really ready to be reactivated. We taught him the restoration and the plan of salvation, and he loved the lessons. We committed him to baptism, and he said that if he gets an answer that the BofM is true, he will hunt us down until we baptize him! He won't commit to a date yet, but he will when he gets an answer!
We gave F____ a Baptismal date for Jan 18th, and she accepted! We are hoping to give the same date to her parents soon.
Our ward Christmas party was Saturday, and it was great. We went through our phone and sent the same text to every Less Active, and every investigator in the phone. A lot of them we don't even know, because they have been in the phone since before I ever got here. We had like six people show up and a bunch send us texts back saying thanks, but they are busy. It was awesome. Elder Mannucci was surprised to see some of them, and he was like how did you ever get them to come!
We will be at a members home for most of Christmas day.  I get an hour at whatever time would be best for you to Skype. Not too late in the day, or too early in the morning for me though. Remember you guys are seven hours different.
My companion, Elder Lamb is also taking driving lessons right now. It is a lot harder to pass a test in England. The test is like way long and the roads here are crazy!
This week was non-existent! It went so fast, I don't even know what to do! Got to go to the temple, and man was it epic!! Learned quite a bit.
Glad to know that you guys are still living life the way I remember it! You guys all make me laugh so hard!
A rice bag, sounds like a wonderful thing to have right now! I have been getting Hardcore sick again, and last night we were out in the most rubbish weather! I was soaked to the core! YSA sounds like it is still a blast! As always! Give my regards to those who know me!
I have to tell you guys, We had a Dinner Appointment yesterday with the Compton Family! They are a huge family, like ten kids! Anyway, they reminded me so much of our family, and all of our crazy experiences that we have day to day! It was Great! I miss you guys, and I love you all! This week went by so fast that I didn't get any pictures at all! 

Guernsey is an Island that is really far away from the rest of the mission, it isn't in our zone. It is like the outcast area! LOL! It is closer to France than it is to England. President Millar was talking to us at one point, and he told Elder Lamb about a new sister that came in not too long ago. He said she was way too attractive to be a missionary, so he sent her as far from the rest of the elders as possible. He sent her to Guernsey!

Have a great week,
Elder Brown

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