Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sick but going strong

This week was pretty good, I don't have any really cool stories this week, but on Friday Elder Green and I were on exchange. It was pretty funny people thought that we had some sort of class system or something because both our names are colors.
It was raining pretty hard, so we decided to knock this huge flat complex building. It was 24 floors, 144 doors. Out of those doors we taught 14 people! It was pretty epic!

I got over 60,000 calories of chocolate for Christmas. The chocolate over here is soooooo good!

I have been pretty sick. I have been trying to treat it, but it just fluctuates a lot. Sorry, not much time to talk. I will Skype on Christmas.

Elder Brown
Elder George, Elder Lamb Elder Manucci, Elder Brown at the Perez family home.

Elder Brown, Elder Manucci, Elder Lamb Elder George
Elder Brown, Elder Manucci, Elder Lamb, Elder George
Elder Lamb and Elder Brown doing a service project.





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