Monday, December 9, 2013

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree

Sorry about last week. We didn't have internet access. I made it up with loads of pictures this time!
We haven't had any snow yet, and probably won't for a while! It feels a lot colder than 50 degrees. The cold here is worse I would say, because it is really wet and you don't get the snow that comes with it!   However it is warm enough for Elder Lamb and I to run about 10 minutes to the gym and back at 6:00 every morning in shorts and a t-shirt! The first time we did it was about 2 weeks ago, and it took us 15 min there and the same back. we got it down to 9 once, but we get about 10-13 usually.

I got the Christmas package two weeks ago, wrapped it up and put it under our tiny little 3 ft. Christmas tree. It looks like Charlie Brown's Tree, it is so skimpy, but it is better than most missionaries get!

This is our flat decorated. 

 Here are pictures from a wedding that we were the ushers for

This is a picture of the river at low tide, to show you how different it is!
 This is a castle that is down the street from us.
I didn't get to watch the devotional! I never even heard about it! I wonder if it is because of the time difference that they don't announce it or something!
Should be able to Skype on Christmas, I don't know what time it will be at yet, but I will try and find out from the members who have us booked for meals!
Missionaries don't get days off! But there is no public transport on Christmas, or boxing day (the 26th of December is called boxing day over here, and it is almost bigger than the 25th! That's when the majority of presents are opened) so we can't do much proselyting, and no one wants to be taught at that time most likely, so probably a day off basically!
I love you all and miss you lots! We currently don't have any progressing investigators, because we can't get anyone to come to church! We are teaching two free-masons. One is an elderly guy who is a self referral, and the other is the boyfriend of an inactive member. We are hoping to have 7 baptismal dates by the end of this transfer which ends on Christmas day. 5 of those will be a F____ family, who all have been taught everything, but just need to come to church, and quit smoking, get married etc. They will take a bit of work, but they have great potential. The other two are an African couple, who we have only taught once, but we both feel good about them. So hopefully the work will explode here! we had a great Zone conference a couple weeks ago, where Elder Tuxiera of the 70 did a presentation. Absolute rebuke, with a lot of mind blowing simplicity to make us all excited! We also get to go to the Temple Tomorrow, and have a Christmas dinner with the Mission President! Pretty exciting stuff!
Hope you have a good week!

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