Monday, June 16, 2014

Record of Book of Mormons in one day

This week was great for us! We got another baptismal date! A Filipino lady about 30 years old, a friend of Michael, our recent convert. She is due for baptism for the 12 of July! Turns out that she is the reason Michael ever found the gospel as well. Missionaries had talked to her on the street and she gave the pass along card that they gave her to Micheal, and he called the missionaries and asked to be taught! Crazy right! We talked with D__, our other Baptismal Date, and we are going to try and bring him to the visitors center at the temple soon! Gave out a bunch of Book of Mormon's and had a bit of a competition with a member on how many we could give out in one day. Our record so far is 12 and his is 25! He is so cool! 

We did service for a part member family, the husband is a non-member, and he drove us around in his BMW M3 convertible, which is actually quite a nice car! It doesn't look really cool, but it is quite fast and just feels nice! The service we did was basically to tear trees out of his garden and pile them up. It was pretty fun actually, and I felt like a beast. He was super impressed with our work, and we are hoping that it will open him up to being taught. 

I love you all, and hope you have a good week. I will let you know how the doctors appointment goes, hopefully it isn't anything serious! I attached a few photos for you! Sorry, no photos of me or Elder Jackman yet, but tons of food photos! We made some pretty epic dishes!
Mangoes, red pepper, onions

 The note says "that determines your attitude in life"

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