Monday, June 2, 2014

The Sword of Truth

Its the feeling of the spirit that gives us a solid testimony. As we learn from Laman and Lemuel and others in the Book of Mormon, signs and angels change nothing. The spirit is the only power convincing enough for us to know of the truth. This is one thing that I have really learned since I have been out here. There can be false prophets, false visions, false angels, false signs, and they may convince us, and all of these can come from the power of the devil, for he has the power to deceive. He can fake the visuals, and even the audio, but what he will never be able to counterfeit is the feeling we get when the spirit is in our presence or, in some circumstances, within us!

This week was pretty good, we started teaching a new person, D__, this week and we taught him twice in the week! He is very interested and as he was taught before 20 years ago, he already knows a bit, and he finds the restoration fascinating as well as comforting. The discussions we had with him were so involved that I felt like we were on a podcast or a talk show. A bit like the Joseph Smith papers program run by the church if you know about that. 

We stopped by one of our investigators, De__, who is hard to get a hold of and always busy. We found out that since our first visit he has been reading as much of the Book of Mormon as he can and has also been praying. He said that he is starting to believe it is true and it has brought him a lot of comfort in his life recently! On top of that, S__ and M__ are doing quite well, and although they couldn't come to church they are starting to progress a bit more. We met another person through them and we have two appointments with them during this week, so hopefully those will go well also! 

I am glad you have been getting new ideas for family history work. As a mission we have started to fill in our own "My Family" booklets. Any help you could give would be appreciated! I'm sure you already know what the my family booklet is like, but basically we need photos of people and stories as well as the basic info about them. We are being counseled to use it as a new finding tool, so once we start to fill it out we can use it on the street to start people talking about their families and we can start teaching them and showing them family history, etc.

I love you guys all very much, and I sent a few photos of me and Elder Fisher wielding the sword of truth! 

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