Monday, June 23, 2014

Exciting and crazy week!

We are having tons of success here at the moment, and loads of fun. I have had nothing but sun for the last month or so! It is really nice, a little to warm in a suit though!

We haven't seen a lot of animals, except pigeons! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! they walk right up to you in between your legs fly around in busy parts of town! They are just so comfortable around humans! It's Weird!!! 

D__ is doing well, we haven't seen him this week unfortunately. He had a lot of extra work this week! J__ is doing great. She came to our Saturday session of stake conference and it really helped her a lot! We had Elder Moriera, the area seventy speak to us. She went up to him afterwards and  said he helped a lot, so that was cool. Then last night she texted us with two refferals to teach her friends! AWESOME! I'd say she felt something at conference! Haven't seen S__ and M__ for a long time, but we set an appointment finally for tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully it goes well! 

Some photos of classic Crowthorne 
Elder Jackman 

Elder Brown

My week was exciting and crazy! On exchange we had a hedge take off our side mirror of the Zone Leader's car! 

Elder Grice and I had to save the sister missionaries because they didn't have their flat keys, and broke a different key in their lock so we didn't get home until 10:00 pm. 

Elder Jackman and I had an interesting experience this weekend after stake conference on Saturday. We got caught in downtown reading at 10:30 pm. lost, without a phone or our flat keys! Reading is like a 20 minute train ride away, and is a massive city. We weren't sure if we had enough money for a train any way. Drunk people everywhere, full of sin and darkness at that time of night! The Zone Leader's saved us and we slept in the reading flat that night! GOOD TIMES!!   

It is so weird to think of me being halfway done! I am not quite there yet, a few months to go till then but still. It has gone by fast! You honestly don't know how fast it has gone! Thanks for the info on the biking problems, but I think we are starting to figure out what it really is! I saw a general practitioner this week and she referred me to a cardiologist. She thinks I probably have Postural Hypotension, or something similar. She took my blood pressure a bunch of times in different positions as well as going from one position to another. My blood pressure dropped about 23% when I stood up from lying down on the bed! You should have seen her face when I stood up. She was so surprised that I thought SHE was going to faint! I think she thought I was just unhealthy and lazy at first!

Anyway, I love you guys and hope you have another good week.  I attached a few photos for you! We made pancakes with Jerrie on Saturday for dinner just before stake conference.

 Elder Jackman and Elder Brown 

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