Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fun wishing British people a happy 4th of July!

 One of the missionaries in my group, Elder Glasgow is from Arizona, and he is a lot of fun, one of my favorite missionaries to hang out with. Anyway, I found out last Monday that he knows Seth! (My cousin) They went to the same school! 

Elder Brown, Elder Glasgow, Elder     Elder Jackman

The Cardiologist appointment went well, they took my blood pressure, just like the GP did earlier, but they didn't see anything this time. The doctor wants to do more tests later, so I am seeing them this week on Friday morning to have an Ecco Cardiogram, or something like that. 

M__ got kicked out by S__ and we haven't seen her for over a week now! M__ is homeless in Reading wandering around somewhere, which sucks because he was really stating to progress. Just on Wednesday he told us that he read all of Alma 32 and prayed for nearly two hours on Tuesday night! he really wants to change, and he set his own baptismal date for the 31 of December,  but now we can't see him at all. He has the Reading elders phone number because he bumped into them a few weeks ago, so it is all up to him. I just hope that he can get through and keep the desire to learn! 

D_ was working again, so he couldn't come to church, but he still wants to learn and is excited about baptism. We brought J_ to the Temple with us for a musical fireside about the Resurrection of Christ, but she doesn't have a baptismal date anymore! She has concerns that we can't figure out!

I attached some photos for you! I went on exchange with Elder Tauman and we had fun messing around on our preparation day! He is from a tiny little island off of Fiji

Elder Tawman and Elder Brown Lip syncing several  songs 

Elder Brown, investigator, Elder Jackman at the London Temple

Friday was a blast over here! We went contacting and said happy 4th of July to every single  person we saw! I was surprised to find that most of them were happy about it actually! There were a few that just didn't respond and a couple who said, "We don't celebrate that here!" We had some people say it back to us and say "God Bless America" as well. it was pretty funny!

Love you all tons, and just want you to know that I am doing great, excited to continue serving for the next year or so! 

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