Monday, July 28, 2014

Lots of little Miracles!

What did your family go through for you to be here?
As you learn about your ancestors you will be inspired by the faith and determination they had to follow their dreams.
Through your Family History work you will be able to find out the stories of those who came before you.  It is through their faith that those who came before you were able to accomplish many great things, and it is through your faith, in your Savior Jesus Christ, that you can leave a legacy behind for all to remember.

I am still having good old pasta, stir-fries, curry, chocolate cakes, candy, egg muffins, cereal, and anything any member decides to feed us! I don't know how, but I have still managed to slim down! I weigh more, but I am slimmer! I would say it is all of the walking, but we have buses now. I thought I was rid of the long walks, but Saturday night we had a fun experience. 

The flat looks like a house on the outside.......HAHAHA i'll send you a picture next week! The area is really nice here, lots of diversity, so it's nice to talk to all sorts of people. We have been having good success so far, and saw loads of miracles this week. Just little things, but undeniably influenced by our Father in Heaven. One time I prayed for Elder Smith to have inspiration on who to text for an appointment the next day, as it was 9:30 PM already and we hadn't found anyone to come with us yet and it was a single Less Active sister. Elder Smith had decided to just try one person as it was getting late. He texted Brother McKenzie, who replied almost instantly with a yes I can for sure. The appointment was at 1:30 on a Tuesday, so most people aren't available, but he happened to be free at that time this Tuesday! Also on top of that, we found out after the teach that he is her home teacher, and hadn't been able to get a hold of her, because her phone number changed, but now he has all of the information he needs again, and she came to church on Sunday because of the visit! EPIC RIGHT! All sort of little miracles like that everyday! The ward is great, every member we have asked to teach with us has been willing to and has given us a time that they are available, if they couldn't do the time we needed. Super excited to serve here! 

I am hoping to buy a nice suit here, and some nice shoes for Sundays as well. I want to get a few slim fit shirts as well, as most of the ones I have now are actually starting to look a bit big for me! Especially the short sleeved ones. Either I keep slimming down, or I am getting used to British style too much! You could either just get me something to surprise me, or put a bit of money on my card to help out with the clothing. It's up to you! Just don't break the bank on postage this time!

 Elder Smith my Companion

Elder Smith and Elder Brown

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