Monday, July 14, 2014

Moving on to Maidstone

Spiritual thought: How do you receive comfort in trials?

The Holy Spirit can provide us with comfort during the difficult times in life!

Whenever you go through trying times, or need a helping hand in life, you can pray for strength.  The Holy Spirit can bring you those feelings of peace, love, joy, happiness and encouragement.  He will help us overcome feelings of fear and doubt.  It is through the impressions of the Holy Spirit in your life that you can feel true joy!

Turns out my heart is perfectly fine as far as they can tell, the cardiogram was about 20 min, and is the same kind of process as an ultrasound. Elder Jackman kept on joking about how I was pregnant! It was pretty funny. He got to see on the screen how my heart was working and he just said it was really gross-looking. After the cardiogram was done they had me do a treadmill test, where the intensity increased every three minutes. My heart rate was totally normal, but my blood pressure was really scattered! They said there wasn't really any obvious pattern in it which was strange. They put a 24 hour blood pressure monitor which took my blood pressure every 30 min or so. Every time it went off it beeped and then had this whirring sound as it pumped up the arm cuff, so that was interesting, especially doing missionary work! It went off twice while we were teaching a guy named T_. He is our newest investigator, and is really cool. He lost his wife two years ago and really wants to know more about the Resurrection.

This is me holding up the blood pressure monitor and giving a thumbs up. We went on a bike ride to this tiny lake, because the cardiologist said to try the bikes again while the monitor was on, so they could see what goes on with my blood pressure. I had to record all of the activities I did and the corresponding times and how I was feeling as well. the bikes didn't take me out half as bad this time, so I am not sure what's going on.



We finally got J__ to church this week! After 6 Sundays of begging and pleading we had decided to stop teaching her and about three days later, she texted us and was like, "Ok, Alright, I can't stand it anymore, I'm free on Sunday! I'm coming to Bracknell." We were a bit shocked, but it was nice to finally have her come. 

We haven't seen S_ for a long time, so I have no clue what is going on with her. Haven't heard from or seen M_, I hope he is ok. The ward is doing well, we are finally getting to know a few more of them, we decided to just spend a bit of extra time going up to everyone after church and talking with them. We got a few Dinner Appointment's out of it as well, which was good! 

I'm moving on Wednesday and so is Sister Brittain. I'm going to Maidstone 2 which is really far East, and Elder Herrod (one of the missionaries in the photo I took when we went up to Oxford two weeks ago) is moving to Maidstone to be the Zone Leader. Sister Brittian is going to Orpington which is in the Maidstone zone as well, so we will see each other every once in a while still. Elder Jackman is follow-up training a missionary who has had a really rough time and wants to go home. He was originally going to train, but President gave him this as a special assignment. Moves are always exciting, so we'll see where the next area takes me!
     Sister Anderson, Sister Brittian, Elder Jackman, Elder Brown,                       ,Elder Tauman

The beard I was wearing in last weeks photo was made out of yarn, we used it in a zone training presentation as part of our Lehi costume about 5 weeks ago. it took me about 2 hours to make total time, but it was worth it! We couldn't find any fake beards that were under £20! Ridiculous right! 

Serving a mission has been the best decision of my life. Their is no greater work or experience that can be had in this life than that of serving a mission! 

Thanks for all the support you guys! I love you all. 
Elder Brown

Elder Jackman

Elder Taumen 

                      This two are of the really posh Wellington college                                          close to our flat!

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