Monday, July 21, 2014

Living in a Mansion!

How Do You Smile When Life Gets Hard?
When you choose to serve the Lord today, you can feel His love.
When you go through your hardest challenges, pray for opportunities to serve. As you choose to serve those around you, the Savior's love will become more apparent in your life. Feeling of the Savior's love will help to wipe away feelings of complacency and discouragement. It is through serving God's children that you can feel pure joy in your life.
"And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that you may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God"
- Mosiah 2:17 -

This week has been crazy, fast, and successful! Elder Jackman and I went out with a bang! The move went well, I got to see a few missionaries I have worked with in the past, so that was cool. My new companion is Elder Smith, from Utah. 
I am in Maidstone 2 which is the west half of Maidstone itself and goes all the way over to West Malling, down to Kings Hill (which is super posh). The River is the border between our area and the other Elders in the ward. Our district is just the two companionship's and we are in the same ward! So much smaller than what I am used to. Our flat is freaking massive! It is basically 1/8 of a mansion! A lot of big houses in England get converted into flats because there is such a need for housing, and they never tear anything down, they just reuse it. So basically our flat is half of the first floor of a 4 story mansion! The flat is about a five minute walk from the chapel and a 3 min walk from the high street in the main part of town. We travel by bus, so I don't have to walk nearly half as much! I am the senior companion by one transfer, so Elder Smith is out just over 10 months. 
Here is a photo of me and Elder Smith we took this morning, and also some nice cars we saw while we were on the bus, and also a photo of London Victoria from the train. We had to leave our mission boundaries to get to our area from Staines.

 This is a photo of London Victoria from the train. We had to leave our mission boundaries to get to our area from Staines.

We saw some nice cars we saw while we were on the bus

My heart is good, but we are still waiting on the blood pressure! They are sending me the information through the mail.  

The area here is so nice and the work is great! We have no Baptismal dates........YET, and no progressing investigators..........YET, but we have some solid potentials, tons of former investigators that we can stop by. People actually walk in the streets here, so we have plenty of people to talk to! The ward here is relatively small, but they all seem very nice, and the lessons in church were really good. We had a good dinner appointment with a young couple named the Connalys. He is from Ireland and she is from Utah. Brother Connally knows Elder Lamb's Parents! We taught 5 people in the street on the first day I got here, and have since then taught 12 or so more people some Less actives, some from the street and knocking on doors, and others were sit down appointments, etc. One member in this ward gave us 14 referrals and is going to take us with him to another area and give us even more! He's Philipino and his first name is Philipino, how epic is that! 

Ward activity a slip and slide and water balloon fight

Bunnies that have the priesthood Ha! Ha!
It looks like it's giving a blessing.

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