Monday, September 8, 2014

Big changes!

What do we all have in common?
We are children of a loving Heavenly Father.

All of us are looking for happiness, and as we come to know our Heavenly Father,
we can find true joy. He is there for us whether we are in times of trial
or success.  We can always look to him to lead us and guide us, because He
wants all of His children to return to him one day.

"The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God."

This week was quite a bit different than what I have been used to, be prepared to hear some very interesting things in our video journals. President Millar implemented a new training plan as he does each transfer, but this one is going to, in fact it already has changed the way we work completely! We have spent a bit of our time this week training and introducing the members in our area to the new training plan and getting ideas from them on finding with their help. We have committed many of them to set apart 1 hour of their week or more to working with us. Many of them are very excited for the changes and we have already gathered many new ideas. We plan to implement them right away in our work finding. We had the chance to serve some of our investigators this week, and it was great to get to know them a bit better and to help them with some of their more temporal needs! 

T__ is doing really well, but her date is liable to change. She wants her son to attend, but he is in foster care, so she is trying to find a time that he would be allowed to see her baptism and than we will set it for that time. It should still be sometime around the 20th of September, but it might be mid week before or after.

My companion and I get along very well, and it is only getting better as the days go on. We haven't told president about the TV licence thing, but we already sorted it out. The number we were meant to call didn't work, so we just went online and did it there, so we should be all good! Sorry to scare you! LOL! It would have been interesting to end up in court over something like that.

Every transfer I ask myself where are the next 6 weeks going to take me? and guess what, I always look back afterwards and say, I would have never expected where it took me, what I learned and experienced, what things I tried and saw, etc. It always is a surprise! You can do great things if you put your mind to it! I challenge you to see the changes made as you look back, and make sure you act accordingly. If you don't like a change you see in yourself, fix it! If you do like a change, add to it! There is so much we need to do and to learn, there is no time to waste! 

In my personal study this week I realized that we can learn faster and develop skills and abilities faster when we have the help of the spirit. If I had the choice to either learn any skill, spiritual or not, for free from a professional trainer who had trained for their whole life in this one talent, but I had to do it without the holy ghost, OR for free with only the guidance of the spirit, I would choose the latter option. Might sound weird to some at first, but it is a no brainer if you realize that nothing good can be learned without the holy ghost! NOTHING. If you want to excel in any talent or skill or attribute, whether related to the gospel or not, you must do it with the help and assistance of God through the Holy Ghost. I promise you, with full faith in God that if you do all you can to have the spirit and you ask for help from on high, you will succeed in ANY worthy activity you choose to partake in.

Righteousness (and wickedness) shows through us more than we often realize, and I think we can develop the ability to see the difference in those around us. I think children might naturally be that way.

I love you all! Keep on being the coolest family ever! I only have one photo to send this week.

Both darts in the same place!

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