Monday, September 29, 2014

Sick, but still a good week!

Why are we here?
This world was created for us to find happiness and learn.

Grant is a diver and marine biologist who has the privilege of working in one of the most beautiful places on Earth: the ocean.  As a scientist, he's thought a lot about creation and how this magnificent world has been put together.  He's also a father who finds joy and lasting happiness in his family.  Our Heavenly Father has built this world for us to grow in faith and hope, in our families.

"Grand as it is, planet Earth is part of something even grander: that great plan of God.  Simply summarized, the Earth was created that families might be."  - Russell M. Nelson

Elder Piseth and Elder Brown

We had a pretty good week. I was sick for most of the week with a sore throat and a bit of a headache, but we were still blessed to be able to teach many of our investigators. Toni is doing so well! We are still waiting on information from her son, but she at least knows that he will be allowed to attend. I can see her testimony has grown, and she definitely recognizes the spirit very well. She has pointed it out a few times, and loves every lesson we have with her and loves church! We are really trying to find people to teach, but being sick made it pretty hard to feel effective. We are hoping that this week will be better when it comes to finding. Didn't get to use the cars, as i was sick, but we are hoping this week.

The district here is doing great, Elder Piseth and Elder Hafen are doing good work. They saw a lot of miracles this week and now have 4 baptismal dates when two weeks ago they had no investigators. They have really improved and been blessed for their efforts. I went on exchange with Elder Piseth Wednesday in his area. It was a successful exchange and I got to know him more, and how he is working in his area. He is doing very well. It is obvious that he knows why he is out here, and he is trying his best to be effective.

Elder Alambra and I had a lot of really good spiritual conversations recently, and although I am still sick, he always lifts my spirits and helps me get through.  You'll like the next finding idea we are going to try, We are going to make chess pieces out of large pieces of cardboard.  This should get some attention. We are also going to try to do a Name that tune finding activity, we just have to make sure the music is appropriate for us to listen to.  Sunday we had 4 less actives at church and 4 investigators. 

I visited this 94 year old less-active lady, and she was proper fit! Moving all over the place going up and down the stairs, bending over, it was crazy. When we asked her secret, she said "Use It, or Lose It." I thought that was a pretty good slogan, and actually used it in a district meeting this week when talking about Strengthening our recent converts.

Anyway, love ya lots! Videos are up, pictures attached here(they are from my exchange with Elder Piseth. hope you enjoy!
Have a great week!
Elder Brown

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