Monday, September 22, 2014

Castle, Paper t-shirts and prophecy!

Will what I do ever be enough?
When we try our best, it is always "enough" to the Lord.

We all wish we could do better.  We all wish we could increase our performance.  Sometimes, though, the most important things we do each day weren't on our "to-do" list.  Often we don't see the results that come of what we do. 
"You never know how much good you do."
- Gordon B. Hinckley

We haven't gotten to use our remote control cars yet. It ended up raining at the time we had set with the members, so we cancelled it! However,we were able to try out a new finding idea with one of the members here in the ward, Sister Mansfield. She came up with the idea, which involved her talent of folding notes into little t-shirts. We met her at a relatively busy park Friday morning and set up on a picnic table with all of our materials. As we began to fold pass along cards and paper money into little shirts, people walked by and looked over. We said good-morning to everyone who passed by and started conversations with many of them. Sister Mansfield went up to young mothers with their children and gave folded pass-along cards to the children and started talking with the parents, who were interested by the small t-shirts she had just given to their children. She spoke with them about who we were and what we do and we could see that it softened the hearts towards us and right away we could tell that this could be much more effective for finding than the ways we have been used to. We didn't have a ton of success this first time, but we are hoping to do it weekly on a Saturday morning when it is busier, and hopefully we will see some success as we get used to approaching people in this new way. Sister Mansfield had a great experience and sent us a text full of gratitude for our involving her in our work and using her talents! 

Elder Brown and Elder Alambra at the Park folding paper shirts

We have many new ideas to try and more on the way! Many of the members here are becoming more excited about the work and as we invited them to do, they are planning times and activities they can try with us!
We found some very nice new people to teach this week and hopefully they will turn into new investigators as we meet with them at the times we have set with them. 

Our baptismal date T__, unfortunately has dropped her date, but she still wants to be baptized. We fasted with her about the 20th of September, and she felt that God wants her to wait a bit longer to see if her son will be allowed to attend the service at a later date. 

I will keep you updated on the new ideas! 
For the mission changes, I am not sure if we are guinea pigs or not, but this implementation is only in our mission at the moment, however, there is a prophecy that was given a few months before I came into the mission. It was given by the area authority for Europe in a conference to the mission presidents and some missionary leaders in the Europe area, and he said that "the hastening of the work of salvation will not progress in the world, until it first starts in the Europe area, and it will not progress in the Europe area, until it first starts in the two London missions." Or something like that, I don't know if that is word for word, but it's pretty close. Either way we think this might be the start of the fulfillment of that prophecy! I know, pretty sick right!?

We went to Leeds Castle last Monday! "The loveliest castle in all the world" Hope you enjoy!

Elder Brown, Elder Hafen, Elder Piseth, Elder Alambra

Elder Brown

Maybe this guy will listen to our message!

Elder Brown and Elder Hafen

Elder Hafen

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