Monday, September 1, 2014

Birthday, District Leader, and new companion

Spiritual Thought:
Catching life's waves of opportunity?

Happiness comes as we position ourselves for success.

Joy loves to surf; so much so that she is the 2008 Woman's Longboard World Champion.  Joy finds the best waves when she's in the position to catch them.  The same applies to our lives.  Putting ourselves in the right place at the right time is the key to making use of life's many opportunities.

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven..."
--- Ecclesiastes 3:1

     My new companion is pretty cool! He is funny, and just overall chill about everything! He reminds me a lot of myself sometimes actually. Not to be vain or anything! LOL 

My new companion, Elder Alambra

We performed some service for a neighbor in need

A pie we made with blackberries and apples.

Elder Alambra and I with T____ at the temple.

We thought we would join in the tug of war.

We ended up in Tonbridge because we apparently got on the wrong bus!

     Thanks for the birthday treats! I am still enjoying them! My new companion is Elder Alambra, from Brisbane Australia. he grew up in New Zealand, but was born in the Philippines. He had never heard of captain crunch, and was very surprised at how much sugar was in it! LOL!
I haven't got the shoes, I didn't know you had gotten them, but I will pick them up today. Thank you for sending them, as you could tell they are very needed. When we Skyped, they were perfectly fine, but by mid-transfer with Elder Smith, the 3 months or so of walking took them out! They have been pretty comfortable with the hot glue fill in, and the hot glue lasted about 2 weeks and then had to be replaced, but it will be nice to have the new ones thank you! I was planning on buying a pair, but never got around to it.

     Elder Smith went to one of the most dodgy places in London! Clapham. He will have some experiences there, that's for sure!

     On my birthday, I taught people with Elder Smith, had Lunch at an awesome all-you-can-eat buffet, called Buddha Belly!...I Know Right?! Then, the rest of the day was taken up by moves. They did moves over 3 days instead of having everyone come to Staines and disperse, they just had the ZL be Taxi Services for 48 hours or so. 

     As a DL my job is to lead, uplift, encourage, inspire, and bless the district. I need to have a model area for them to learn from, and need to be an example in conduct, work, attitude, etc. I conduct a district meeting once a week, attend a Leadership council with the other leaders in the stake/zone, once a transfer to set goals and make plans for the transfer. I account over the phone with the other missionaries in my district twice a week, and account for the work of my district to the zone leaders twice a week, as well as constructing exchanges with each elder in my district once a transfer, and on top of all of that, I relay announcements to my district given to me from the ZL's, and do anything else that the ZL ask me to help with, such as Stake Correlation, which is a bit like correlation with the ward, but for the stake as a whole. That essentially involves sending info to the zone leaders that they compile and give to the stake! Loads of FUN!!!! A bit of extra responsibility, but it will be a learning experience and I am excited. 

     This week was a bit of a slower week. We tried our best to get return appointments, and met a lot of really nice people who showed some interest, but they didn't want us back! We worked a lot with our baptismal date T___, and she is doing great, she has been living the Word of Wisdom for 2 or 3 weeks now, and is feeling much better because of it! She has a strong desire to be baptized, and loves learning and meeting with us and other members. We brought her to the Visitor's Center at the Temple on Thursday, and we all had a great experience! I feel that she is nearly ready for baptism, we are just solidifying her understand by reteaching the lessons, and helping her to develop greater faith as well! She really has grown a lot!...Oh Also as a district leader, I do baptismal interviews for the baptismal dates in my district (other than those taught by myself and my companion, the ZL's do those) when the time comes.

Missionary work is the most fulfilling and rewarding thing you can do! D+C 15:6

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