Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Different Thanksgiving!

This thanksgiving we had District Leader Conference, which is where the district and zone leaders in Maidstone meet together and talk about our goals and what we want to achieve this transfer. We ended up making some serious commitments, and promising Heavenly father that we would work harder than ever before this transfer. We came up with some really good goals and focuses for the zone. I am excited to work this transfer.  After that we taught a less-active family, the Knells, and had curry with a member for dinner. The last thing we did was correlate the work with our new ward mission leader. So no fancy dinners, but we did get a Pumpkin pie from our neighbor and they put an american flag on it!

This week was pretty good! We had a Mission Conference in London where Elder Cook of the 12 apostles spoke to us and we all shook his hand. I got a lot of insight, and learned quite a bit. 

We had a good week of work also. We found some cool people to meet with soon, and finally managed to meet with some of our potential investigators that we have been trying to contact for a while.

Saturday was really great as well. We met as a district at the high street, and worked for an hour or so together with whiteboards, talking with everyone about "He is the Gift" and the true meaning of Christmas. I don't know if you have seen the "He is the Gift" video yet, it is on christmas.mormon.org and on youtube. It was a lot of fun, and was successful too.

Elder Simpson and I are getting along well. No lego temple just yet, we still have to talk to Warren about it. The baptismal dates are J_ and M_ her daughter. We are seeing them tonight if everything works out.

I got a new belt and new shoes last week. I also got some new trousers as well, my others don't fit me they are too big, I am 40 lbs lighter right now than when I left!

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